100% for Henry and Charlie

27th September 2016 - Horfield A vs Downend A

Missing Chris for this game due to pressures of work - he was spotted before the match with a female colleague, presumably off to do some lesson preparation. So we had Lewis as sub and Horfield also had a player missing, Carl Bicknell, who was substituted by Kajetan playing on 6.

Jerry was the first to finish but the less said about that the better. Nigel managed to achieve equality against Steve and halved out shortly after. The other games were in flux, with Lewis having to absorb a raging attack for a piece, Charlie having a nice looking opening where Derek's king was dislodged, and Henry a complicated game against Horfield's latest signing Aaron Guthrie, who sacrificed a pawn for decent compensation.

Richard's position simplified giving neither player any reason to try and win, and after Alex sacrificed a further exchange Lewis could not avoid perpetual check. So we needed wins from the final two games to steal the match.

Luckily we managed it this time without resorting to the last minute. Charlie won two pawns and despite his knight being out of play on a3 he found a way to exchange to a R+P ending and converted with decent technique. Henry after a half hour think managed to find ways of wrestling his opponent into a passive position and his game got better and better till Aaron finally backed down. So three wins against the top three opponents, and well set to reach Christmas with at least 6 points on the board.

Jerry Humphreys