Oliver Stubbs beats an IM!

At the simultaneous exhibition match held in Stroud one of our club's rising stars, Oli Stubbs, managed to beat IM Chris Beaumont. This website has been running for over three seasons and in the nine other encounters our players have had against Chris, a draw has been the best result we have achieved. For those interested in the IM-slaying, please check out Oliver's game! Oli's father was there armed with a camera, so we also have some pictures from the event.

Not an early f4!

Careful opening play by Oli.

Solid setup

Toby Kan sets up a solid centre and his bishops aim for a kingside attack.


Dave appears to be doing alright, but what you don't realise, is that the position is difficult to play as white.


Royalty once again having their privacy invaded by an intrepid paparazzo.


Whilst mopping up the rest of the games, Chris was unable to find a breakthrough.

Michael Meadows