Yet another hard fought draw

13th September 2016 - Downend D vs Yate A

It looks like the D team are settling down to mid-table mediocrity in division three while the E team are striding ahead with 4 out of 4! Are they going for promotion?

The fact that we have accumulated nine game points from three matches is largely thanks to James, who, with 2½ of them is the runaway leader in terms of points scored. Against Yate he did it again and, with relatively quiet draws from Nigel and me, he soon put us in the lead, with some hopes of a positive result. However Neil miscalculated and found himself minus an exchange, which led to the match being tied up at 2-2.

John seemed to have a somewhat blocked game on board 6 while David's on 5 was the complete opposite. His opponent had some very threatening pieces in the heart of David's position but when he missed what looked like a killer blow suddenly David was able to conjure up some threats of his own. Everyone was gathered round these last two games when John unfortunately overlooked a threat and resigned on the spot. David was able to push a poisoned pawn and, when it was captured, he had a nice little combination which left him a piece up and with sufficient threats to keep harassing the enemy King. A well handled attack culminated in mate to clinch a vital point and a hard fought drawn match.

Ian Pickup