A Comedy of Errors

8th September 2016 - South Bristol C vs Downend D

Two evenly matched sides faced each other and the only game showing signs of a positive outcome after an hour or so was board 3, where Neil had won a piece in a very murky position. Meanwhile I had played the wrong move order so that Andy was able to get pawns moving and threaten my castled King.

These two games were the first to finish as Neil converted efficiently while I managed to untangle and obtain decent piece play but only by using far too much time, so we agreed to call it a day. James had being pressing steadily and held a small advantage but on the bottom three boards all our games were inferior to a lesser or greater degree.

John had a rather weak bishop against a knight in his endgame and its lack of range told in the end. Nigel was a pawn down but had two good bishops and controlled the light squares. Oli had lost his queen for a couple of pieces but was just hanging on.

Then James found a neat combination which netted the exchange. Unfortunately he overlooked a response which won it back, with a pawn to boot. The closing events saw Oli's opponent, Mike, make an illegal move and in the aftermath immediately resigned, suddenly turning the match around. Nigel clinched his draw, meaning now we only needed a draw from James to win the match. Although he was under great pressure, Dorota was down to two minutes by now and her draw offer was gratefully accepted.

It had been an evening fraught with errors, not least a misinterpretation of the rules concerning illegal moves. So Nigel contacted Jason to propose that Oli's game be declared a draw, meaning the match would also be drawn. In view of this perhaps the header should be changed to All's Well that Ends Well!

Ian Pickup