Starting the new season

30th August 2016 - Clifton C vs Downend D

Thanks to division 3 being chockablock with teams this season, we had to start in August and both teams fielded some old and new faces.

After winning a pawn against John, knowing I might not be able to hang on to it, I was happy enough to contrive a fairly swift draw, especially as, next to me, James was having all the play against Alan. When Nigel succumbed to Clifton's new recruit, Anthony, ex Hanham, we were all square with promising boards still in play.

Neil became short of time, and, although a couple of pawns up, he felt obliged to force a draw, leaving us with all to play for on the bottom two boards, where Oli and Jack were valiantly continuing the struggle. It was a shame that Oli wasn't quite able to pull off a result against Tim, a very seasoned performer but Jack hung in to convert his endgame. They had both played well into the third hour, demonstrating more stamina than some of their elders might have been capable of.

This division has some tough teams in it. Considering how seriously out-graded we were, it was a highly creditable start to the season to gain a match point from one of the stronger squads.

Ian Pickup