2016/17 Season

27 Aug 2017:

Update: Some news from the Steve Boniface Congress. Congress report and links and gallery thanks to John Stubbs.

22 Aug 2017:

The final night of the summer rapid didn't see a huge upset in the final rankings, but there were plenty of upsets in the games:

Place Player Pts
1st Attila Reznak 15½/18
2nd Morris Stranger 14½/18
3rd Henry Duncanson 13½/18

Most of the entrants went home with a prize or book (which sounds like more work, but they seemed happy). Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Jerry for organising his first Summer Rapid. The final wallchart and the best three performance rankings can also be found on our Events page and John captured a few photos from the night.

In new season news, the team registrations are now correct on our Players page.

21 Aug 2017:

Fixtures are out!

14 Aug 2017:

Junior news from the Terafinals! Get the news in David's report and gallery.

8 Aug 2017:

The leaderboard of the of the summer rapidplay has been shaken quite dramatically with the departure of Chris:

Place Player Pts
1st= Attila Reznak 11½/18
1st= Morris Stranger 11½/18
3rd David Painter-Kooiman 10½/18

The full wallchart can also be found on our Events page. Don't forget, the winners are decided on their three best performances, so there's still lots to play for! The final night will be 22nd August.

7 Aug 2017:

Full-time Downend & Fishponds journalist John Stubbs has written a report of the club's showing at the 2017 British Championships and of course there's an accompanying gallery. It's also worth noting that club member wannabe Daniel Young also qualified for next year's Championships with his excellent performance in the Major Open.

1 Aug 2017:

Downend & Fishponds now has a club profile on the chessjournalapp blog. Thanks to Richard Livermore and Jon Fisher!

27 Jul 2017:

New grades are out! If you want to do more grade searching, check out the ECF grading database.

23 Jul 2017:

First there was the Northern Gigafinals, and now there's the Southern Gigafinals. In the U15s Thomas scored a very strong 2½/6 (which included a game against the 206 top seed!), however it was Oli that took the prizes with an incredible undefeated 5/6 (half a point behind the top seed) including some excellent results against very strong players. Oli's second place means that he joins Toby with a ticket to the Terafinals. Don't forget to check out the gallery of the tournament.

18 Jul 2017:

After something of a delay in unlocking the building, round 2 of the summer rapidplay was a success. Current leaders:

Place Player Pts
1st Chris Russell 8½/12
2nd Morris Stranger 7½/12
3rd= Gareth Morris 7/12
3rd= Graham Iwi 7/12

The full round 2 wallchart can be found on our Events page.

The next night is 8th August so put it in your diaries now! Watch out for Henry, Attila, and Fabrizio.

16 Jul 2017:

David has written a report about Aron, Jack, and Toby's successes at the 2017 Northern Gigafinal. Also his photos have been saved in another new gallery.

12 Jul 2017:

It was the first junior match for the club. John has written up a match report complete with pictures of the night.

4 Jul 2017:

Clifton's annual Graeme Thomson Memorial Rapidplay was another great success, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. There were also some great results for the club:

Section Player Pts
Open Lewis Martin 4/6
Open Jerry Humphreys 2/6
Major Oliver Stubbs 5/6
Major Grant Daly 3/6

Those results saw Lewis take joint 3rd (with virtual club member Daniel Young) in the Open and Oli take 2nd in the Major. John Stubbs was also kind enough to take some pictures of the day.

23 Jun 2017:

The first night of the summer rapidplay was a great success. There was plenty of enterprising chess and some 'off-beat' openings. The current leaders are:

Place Player Pts
1st Chris Russell 5½/6
2nd= Henry Duncanson 5/6
2nd= Gareth Morris 5/6

There are plenty of people sharing 4th place with 4½/6 and there isn't enough space in the news to detail the leaders of the different 'sections'. Of course, we couldn't be chess players without wanting those details. Downend the round 1 wallchart.

If you missed the first night, fear not! The second night is on July 18th. If you can't wait that long (and who can?), this Sunday (July 2nd) there is Clifton's Graeme Thomson Memorial Rapidplay. Please do try and attend as it's always a great event which raises money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Entries (as they get updated) can be round on the chess-results page.

19 Jun 2017:

Well there's plenty to catch up on. First, we have a new gallery of some of the players scoring well at the 2017 Bristol Summer Congress.

Then we have our club AGM report complete with an accompanying gallery. With our AGM out of the way, don't forget that this now means that club memberships are due!

Following the rousing success the club has seen this year, Ian has added to our History page.

There will also be a junior match where Downend & Fishponds' youngest will be pitting their skills against Chepstow juniors on July 11th with some of the club's strongest players in attendance to provide post-match analysis. It should be a great event if you're able to attend and we're hoping it might blossom into a yearly match much like the Pentyrch tradition meaning yet more work for me on the site. Full credit to John Stubbs for organising the evening.

Last but not least, don't forget that the Downend Summer Rapidplay begins a week tomorrow (June 27th) and for the extra keen, don't forget to check out the latest version of the tournament rules.

12 Jun 2017:

With the league season over, there's still no shortage of chess action to be had. A few weeks ago was the 49th Cotswold Chess Congress which had a great Bristol turnout:

Section Player Pts
Open Robert Taylor 3/6
Open Dave Tipper 2/6
Major Oliver Stubbs 3/6
Major Richard Livermore 2½/5
Minor Jack Tye 4/6

Thanks to John Stubbs, we also have a small gallery from the congress!

A little closer to home, last weekend was the 2017 Bristol Summer Congress, which had an even bigger turnout from the club:

Section Player Pts
Open Lewis Martin 4/5
Open Attila Reznak 3½/5
Open Stephen Meek 3/5
Major Ian Pickup 3½/5
Major Oliver Stubbs 3/5
Major Toby Kan 1/5
Minor Grant Daly 3½/5
Minor Shaun Walsh 3½/5

On a final note, don't forget that the club AGM is tomorrow night and attendance is mandatory!

3 Jun 2017:

It's that time of year again when we're all suffering from chess withdrawal symptoms. Fear not, if that's you (or you simply want to get some practice in at playing with an increment) the Downend Summer Rapidplay is back! Nights are 27th June, 18th July, 8th August and 22nd August. Check out the entry form and for the extra keen, the tournament rules.

For club members, don't forget that our club AGM is a week on Tuesday (13th June) and we'd like as large an attendance as possible as there are lots of important issues to discuss. Especially stern looks of warning go to anyone that won a trophy this year (including as part of a team) as we're hoping to get photographs to record the club's successes.

20 May 2017:

There were over 170 juniors at the Bristol Megafinal at Bristol Grammar School. There were 3 Downend juniors in the U15 section, all doing themselves proud:

Pts Player
5½/6 Oliver Stubbs Supremo
5/6 Thomas Carter Qualifier
2/6 Linton Scotthorne


Three local Bristol & District league juniors collecting their Supremo/Suprema champion trophies from IM Chris Beaumont at prize giving: Yuvraj Kumar (Bath), Acharya Kandara (North Bristol), and our very own Oliver Stubbs (Downend & Fishponds).

18 May 2017:

The increments are coming! The increments are coming! That is to say, the League AGM was a rousing success.

Update: There was such an impressive haul of silverware at the AGM that Dave's put together a gallery for the site.

17 May 2017:

With the league and knockout safely under his belt, Jerry has decided to sack off the rest of the season and the A-team match against Bath A has been cancelled resulting in a walkover for Bath, instead of the 5½-½ win the A-team were probably expecting.

16 May 2017:

The date for the club AGM has been set for the 13th June. We hope to have photographs taken of all the winning teams and maybe a whole club shot, so we'd like as many as possible to attend. There is also a proposal for a 'clock monitor' to check all batteries at regular intervals, so if you fancy that high honour do come along!

14 May 2017:

Downend had another strong showing at a local congress, this time at Frome:

Section Player Pts
Int Oliver Stubbs 3½/5
Int Richard Livermore 3½/5
Int Grant Daly 2½/5
Minor Shaun Walsh 3/5

As a further bonus, Oli's 3½ score won him the grading prize. Plenty of pictures have been taken and compliled into another album for our Gallery page!

9 May 2017:

Downend & Fishponds are quadruple winners! A very strong team of eight managed to defeat an almost equally strong Bath 5-3 in the knockout final. Games from the final and a scathing match report will follow as per tradition.

Don't forget it's not the club AGM next week, but it is the League AGM on Thursday the 18th May!

Update: Games from the night are available, to go with Dave's summary match report (which is somehow more brutal than I ever could've been) and pictures taken on the night.

7 May 2017:

David Kan is keeping us in the know about the performances of our juniors with a Megafinals report.

1 May 2017:

The 4NCL team had a very tough Saturday losing to a beefed KJCA Kings 1½-6½, but Sunday they bounced back with a great 5½-2½ win over Bradford DCA Knights. This left the team requiring both a win against the very strong White Rose 2 and some favourable results in other matches. Incredibly, the stars aligned and the club survives for a second time in the 4NCL second division with a 5-3 win!

Rounds 9-11 have been added to our Games page. Reports to follow any moment.

Update: Jerry has delivered with 3 match reports! Round 9, Round 10 and Round 11.

25 Apr 2017:

The D-team have won Division 3! It was a close result, 3½-2½ against Clifton C, but the win clinches the title. Having won Division 1, 2 and 3 this makes the 2017 season the most successful ever for the club, and that's even before the Knockout final! Ian has already finished the match report.

The B-team finished their season off with a close but ultimately disappointing 2½-3½ loss against a very strong Horfield A.

It wasn't so disappointing for the F-team who managed a 4-0 romp over Hanham B!

Have a match report for the B-team too!

Update: Also, don't forget to check out Oli's charming miniature from the D-team match.

24 Apr 2017:

Plenty of weekend news, all of it coming from others. First up is Ian:

We beat Pentyrch 4½-1½ at their place on Saturday. After the customary friendly and generous welcome, Mike Passmore had yet another sparkling win and once again hid his score sheet before it could be photographed. Wins too for Richard Livermore, playing for Downend & Fishponds, John Spry and John Paines and a draw for Nigel Wilcox. The only loss was against Robert Taylor, who used home advantage, well the white pieces anyway, very efficiently!

At the presentation of the Bridge Trophy to Nigel it was revealed that Richard had kindly had it re-engraved so that it is now the "Mike Wood Bridge Trophy". Thank you, Richard!

Next up is Graham Mill-Wilson with a report on what may be the last Chipping Sodbury Rapidplay. The club had a fantastic showing!

I've nabbed a few choice photos from the Rapidplay for our gallery, but don't forget to check out the original on chessit!

Update: Yet more news! This time it's David Kan about Toby's adventures at the England Junior Trials:

Those of you who follow Downend Juniors may know that Toby qualified for the England Juniors trials earlier this year. The trials itself took place last weekend in Liverpool attended by the Top 50 U11 Junior players in England.

The trials were played over 2 days with 3 games each day. The competition and strength of players was formidable. Unfortunately, on the first day, Toby lost his first 2 games and managed a nervy draw in the 3rd. He had a mountain to climb, needing to win all 3 games on the 2nd day to having any realistic chance for selection. However, the setback did not hold him back on Day 2, he showed lots of guts and determination to hold his nerve and rallied with a comeback winning his first 2 games. This gave him a slim chance of selection if he won his final game. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. The game was drawn, but Toby knew he needed a win and pushed for a win which ended in a loss.

Although disappointed with not being selected for the national squad, Toby has been selected to play for the regional England team and will play matches against England (SW) vs Wales and Rest of England vs London & South East. It's been a great experience for him, thanks to all at Downend Chess Club for helping him along his chess journey.

20 Apr 2017:

The C-team have won Division 2! It took until the team's final match for the title to be decided, with a 4-2 win against rivals South Bristol B. Well done to everyone that played for the team. That makes two league titles for the C-team in two seasons. Ian has rounded off the C-team season with a title-winning match report.

18 Apr 2017:

The D-team marched ever closer to claiming the Division 3 title with a 3½-2½ win over Yate A. Ian has written up the night and Mike Passmore's stunning game is available to view.

Also Richard Livermore and Robert Taylor had fine showings at the weekend, with Richard scoring 3½/7 in the Welsh Major and Robert coming equal third with an unbeaten 4½/7 in the Open.

Update: The F-team had a harder evening against a strong Clifton D, narrowly losing 1½-2½.

13 Apr 2017:

The D-team had a strong grading advantage over South Bristol D and managed a comfortable 4-2 win. Ian has written the match report!

The three-board F-team had a harder time against North Bristol B and lost 1-3.

11 Apr 2017:

The B-team scored another win, 4-2 against Horfield B. Ian dishes out the blame and praise where it's due in the match report and I haven't rebutted in any mouseover text, at all.

The E-team had a tougher night losing 1½-4½ against a strong Clevedon B.

6 Apr 2017:

The club has marched on to the knockout final after a 7½-½ win over Keynsham in the semi-final! There's also a game by game match report to say how it went.

5 Apr 2017:

Announcement for all our chess prodigies: Bristol are running a UK Chess Challenge Megafinal for the first time on the 20th May at Bristol Grammar School. Expect the club's very own Geoff Gammon to be arbiting!

4 Apr 2017:

The F-team was able to hold Cabot B with the white pieces, but the challenge was too much with the black ones and the final score was 1-3. A special mention goes to Grant for drawing with a player graded 65 points higher!

Update: The D-team had a great night hosting Cabot A and winning 4½-1½ and filing a match report in record time (thanks to Ian).

3 Apr 2017:

The club was in action at the 2017 National Club Championships. John has written and taken plenty of pictures of the event.

Though it has been a long time coming, the A-team's title-winning has finally been chronicled.

28 Mar 2017:

Prepare the "Humphreys In" aeroplane banner! The A-team managed to hold it together and scored a comfortable 4-2 win over South Bristol A to secure the 2016-17 Division 1 title!

Despite being title contenders themselves, relegation contenders Keynsham A were able to hold the C-team to a 3-3 draw.

The E-team were away to a very strong Cabot A and despite some very good results weren't quite able to take home the points, losing 2½-3½.

Update: Andrew's write-up of the C-team draw is now available!

27 Mar 2017:

The 49th Cotswold Chess Congress is being held on the 27th May at The King's School, Gloucester. For those interested in playing, check out the entry form.

22 Mar 2017:

The date for the League AGM has been set for Thursday 18th May. Don't forget to pop along to voice your opinion on the up and coming issues like:

  • Adding a 5 minute increment to league matches so you can really grind out that ending.
  • Allowing queens to also move like knights for that solo piece checkmate.
  • Mandatory DGT boards for every match so Dave doesn't have to attend each one.
  • The much-ballyhooed proposal for an online Bristol & District Blitz and Bullet league.

21 Mar 2017:

Our C-team played host to Horfield C and the black pieces ruled the evening. Despite that, the home team managed to win 3½-2½.

The E-team had a tough time away to a very strong Clifton C, narrowly losing 2½-3½.

John has written up his perspective in the E-team match report.

Update: Andrew is staying on top of the C-team's busy schedule with his latest match report.

16 Mar 2017:

The C-team's Division 2 title ambitions were slowed briefly when they faced a strong University B and lost 2½-3½, but as Andrew said, "Nevermind. Not a 0-6!".

Update: Further details are to be found in Andrew's excellent match report.

15 Mar 2017:

A weakened five-man B-team were utterly walloped 0-6 by an extra-strong Bath A. Excuses and curses can be found here.

14 Mar 2017:

The E-team played host to Horfield D but were unable to capitalise on their slight grading advantage, with a 2-4 loss.

12 Mar 2017:

The club had another fine showing at a weekend congress; this time it was the East Devon Chess Congress. In the open, filled with GMs and IMs, Robert Taylor finished with an excellent 3/5 taking points off 190+ graded opponents.

The minor section was won by Grant (who seems to be making a habit of winning his sections) with 4½/5 that includes a Friday night half-point bye.

Full details and games can be found on the official website.

Update: Ian has found the most important picture from the event on the always great Keverel Chess Website:


10 Mar 2017:

Daniel has provided another wonderfully written report for the seventh round of the 4NCL. Jerry assures us we may be waiting some time for the eighth.

Update: Not content with writing excellent reports, Daniel has also fully annotated his exciting Dilworth game from round 7!

9 Mar 2017:

A strong E-team scored a fine 4½-1½ win against South Bristol D!

7 Mar 2017:

The D-team only lost their first game of the season last night, holding out longer than the A-team! The unfortunate score was 2½-3½ against Clevedon B. Read all about it in the match report.

Update: The F-team had a much harder time against a very strong three-man Bath University, losing 1-3.

5 Mar 2017:

It was a difficult weekend for the 4NCL team that could only draw 4-4 against The ADs on Saturday, which consigned them to the relegation pool with 4 points (strangely the same as almost every other team). Worse, on Sunday they unable to save the match against Guildford 3 and lost 3½-4½.

Update: Thanks to the tireless efforts of the 4NCL team (and a few short draws) the games from the weekend are available to view.

2 Mar 2017:

After a four-game funk, the A-team are back to their winning ways with a 5-1 romp over University A, who were probably still recovering from a very strong BUCA tournament. Dave has written a quick summary of the match, complete with a terrible game from Chris. If the A-team can take 2 points from South Bristol A on the 28th, they'll have won the league!

28 Feb 2017:

Downend C scored an incredible 5-1 win over Division 2 title rivals Clevedon A. We also have a game from the night which really highlights the joys of gaining tempo against the opposing queen. Never, in the field of human conflict, were so many queen moves proved to be so utterly fruitless.

The E-team also scored a great 3-3 draw against a strong Yate A with Oli and Jack winning excellent games and Mike carefully playing out a win despite being out-graded by over 20 points.

Update: Andrew has written a match report for the C-team victory!

27 Feb 2017:

For those wondering where the rest of our juniors were at the weekend, we have an update from David:

As the Bristol League is heading towards the end of the season, the Junior chess calendar is just starting to warm up. This weekend was the Gloucestershire Junior County Championships which is also a qualifier for the regional Delancy UK Chess Challenge MegaFinals in May. It was rammed pack with excited junior players from all over the region. Downend was represented by Tom in the U15, Jack in the U13, Arron, Joe, Noah and Toby in the U11. The U11s section was rammed back with over 28 entries. It was a hectic day with 7 rounds of tough chess to be played and plenty of prizes to be won.

As always the Downend Juniors did amazingly, with 3 of them taking the Gloucestershire Junior County Chess Champion title home. Tom and Jack won their age section outright, winning the county title and a place in the Megafinals. Toby was very fortunate, although not winning his section outright, he was awarded the county champion title through progressive scores as the winner of the section was not eligible. Both Arron and Toby also progress to the Megafinals. Joe and Noah also did very well and were both in contention to qualify, but unfortunately lost out in the final round.

Well done to all the boys!

26 Feb 2017:

John has written a summary report of the 2017 Bristol Spring Congress in which every section contained club members.

At the start of April there is also the National Club Championship which appears to be making a comeback. We already have a team prepared for the Minor section but if there's any interest in putting together any more teams for any section get in touch!

22 Feb 2017:

Word on the street is that that we'll be without a fifth round report from the 4NCL, but fret not because Daniel has done his usual excellent job in penning a sixth round report!

21 Feb 2017:

The A-team's decline in form left them with only a 3-3 draw against the mighty B-team (and they were lucky to get that). Match report later today.

The black pieces ruled the evening in the F-team match against Yate B, with the points shared 2-2.

Update: The D-team won against a strong Cabot A with a score of 3½-2½.

There's an A-team match report and a D-team match report!

19 Feb 2017:

John has written a report about how six of our juniors got on at the Wiltshire and West of England Junior Championship. Spoiler alert: They all did fantastically!

16 Feb 2017:

It was a tough night for the E-team but they managed to pull off a 3½-2½ win against South Bristol C.

14 Feb 2017:

After over a year and 17 matches, the A-team's undefeated streak has finally come to a close. 2-4 against the mighty Clifton A who clearly don't believe that the title race is over. A brief match report is also available.

The C-team had a better night after coming from behind to beat Bath B 4-2.

Gaining revenge for the A-team, our F-team were visiting Clifton E and they managed a strong 3-1 win.

Update: Andrew has written a C-team match report.

12 Feb 2017:

The 4NCL team had a tough time over the weekend, inexplicably losing 3½-4½ to a weak (and insufferable) West is Best 1, followed by a Sunday drubbing 2½-5½ by Grantham Sharks 2. Games are available to view on our Games page and reports will follow shortly.

9 Feb 2017:

After another well-intentioned suggestion that meant more work for me, our players page can now be filtered to show only our juniors. I can't wait to see the competition this creates.

Update: The D-team had a convincing win away to the Keynsham B-team, 4½-1½. Ian has written a match report, which includes one game from the night and one from the week before!

7 Feb 2017:

The A-team maintained their now 17-match undefeated streak with an uninspired 3-3 against Horfield A. Report to appear soon.

The C-team had a good 3½-2½ win against a very strong Thornbury. A report for this match is also likely to appear soon and if rumours are true, perhaps even a game or two.

The E-team had a solid win with only Thomas upsetting the white win streak. 4-2 was the final score against Hanham A.

Someone had to write up the exciting tale of six draws.

Update: A new match report for the Thornbury match, by Andrew!

5 Feb 2017:

There were plenty of Downend & Fishponds players in action at Kidlington over the weekend (and even Daniel Young who isn't far off becoming a member). John Stubbs has written about how Oli topped his last minor section. Full details will soon appear on the offical website.

2 Feb 2017:

It was a good night for the strong F-team who were away to Harambee, as they won 3-1.

31 Jan 2017:

It was a bit of a turn up for the books, but the B-team managed a 4-2 win against Clifton A. Stranger still, the B-team is second in the league (though plenty of teams have games in hand). The match report will be up as soon as I figure out how it happened.

The D-team found their 3½-2½ win over the E-team a little close for comfort, but they got there in the end.

Update: Two match reports at once! I've written the B-team's and Ian has written the D vs E-team's.

30 Jan 2017:

New grades are out! Of course, had the ECF accepted the most competent proposal for running the grading website they'd have been out at the start of the month but that's just sour grapes on my part and this is probably fine too.

Update: More junior chess news! From David's summary:

It's non-stop for our Downend Juniors at the moment and this weekend was a Somerset Grand Prix event at St Saviours. Downend was represented by Jack Tye in the U14s and Toby Kan in the U11s. The U14s was a tough section with plenty of experienced county players fighting for the trophy. Still, Jack did fantastically, winning 3 out of 6 and coming 3rd. Toby in the U11s section also had some tough opposition, again from the county team and some of GM Matthew Turners young proté gé s from Millfield. But it was Chinese New Year this weekend and luck was on his side, 6 wins out of 6 and winner of the U11s. Well done lads! Fantastic to see how well our juniors are doing.

Jack and Toby

26 Jan 2017:

The B-team scored a 3-3 draw against the University's A-team. Read my complaints about the evening in the match report.

24 Jan 2017:

After a request from the mathematically inclined we now have a 4NCL Players and, of course, a 4NCL Statistics page.

The A-team's incredible winning streak finally came to a halt. A five-man team faced Clifton B who held them to a 3-3 draw. Clearly the blame lies squarely with Chris and Charlie.

The C-team didn't have any problems in overcoming Grendel and scored a solid 4-2 win.

The D-team had a rousing 4½-1½ victory against South Bristol C, though there is a fun stat for South Bristol; Dorota has scored 3/3 against Downend & Fishponds this year.

Match reports will, I'm sure, start rolling in soon.

As if by magic, Jerry has produced an A-team match report.

The reports are flying in now! Ian has written up the D-team's win over South Bristol.

Last but by no means least, the F-team were up against a very strong three-man Clevedon side in their rearranged match and despite a good effort were unable to score, losing 1-3.

Update: Grendel match report by Andrew! It really was a busy day.

23 Jan 2017:

What could be a better way to relax after the last weekend of chess than by attending the Junior 4NCL? That's exactly what Toby was doing. Read about it in David's report.

(For the tweeters among us, the 4NCL twitter account is being run by the Downend & Fishponds star player Phil Makepeace.)

22 Jan 2017:

There was even more chess happening last weekend! David has sent us a summary of the third event that was happening:

It was the West of England and South Wales Jamboree last weekend with several Downend Junior representing Somerset county again. Jack Tye in the U14s, nominated as vice captain and also Toby Kan in the U11s, team captain and board 1. There was a really strong field this year with Glamorgan, Gwent, Wilshire, Devon and of course Somerset. The Welsh teams were particularly strong, fielding players representing their country. Nevertheless, Somerset Juniors and our Downend Juniors did amazingly. Jack's U14 cruised away in 1st place, Jack winning 2 out of 3. Toby's U11s came a close second, with Toby managing a draw and a win. The Somerset U9s also won their age group. An amazing result for the Somerset Juniors. Congratulations to them all!

Jack and Toby

19 Jan 2017:

It's the week of rearranged matches as the E-team were away to Keynsham B. Thanks to some exciting time-pressure endgame play the E-team was victorious with a 3½-2½ win. Spectator John has written a match report!

Update: It was a difficult night for the minor knockout team which had led 2½-½ for most of the evening before slipping in the last minute to lose 2½-3½. Well done to South Bristol!

18 Jan 2017:

Jerry has given in and written two excellent match reports of the 4NCL weekend, complete with photos. Click to view round 3 and round 4.

17 Jan 2017:

Possibly thanks to my absence the B-team notched one of their finest wins of the season: 5-1 away to Clifton B.

Ian has written a really excellent match report for the event.

Update: Javier's game from the match has been put online. It's probably the most interesting Torre attack ever played.

The rearranged F-team match against Clifton D didn't go quite so well, with a narrow 1½-2½ loss.

16 Jan 2017:

It wasn't just the 4NCL this weekend. There was also the Somerset New Year Congress for those a wanting to stay closer to home. The club was well-represented and John Stubbs has compiled a congress report for the weekend!

15 Jan 2017:

The club was in action in rounds 3 and 4 of the 4NCL. On the Saturday we won comfortably 5½-2½ against Warwickshire Select 2, but on Sunday we couldn't stop the top Sussex Martlets team and lost 3½-4½. Not that there's any prejudice, but everyone that plays for the club in the Bristol league was undefeated this weekend. Expect match reports to be along as soon as Daniel and Jerry can decide who should write them. Games will be along when they become available.

Update: Thanks to the speedy efforts of the 4NCL team, our games are now available to view!

12 Jan 2017:

The unbeaten 2017 continues as the C-team scored a convincing 4-2 over North Bristol A.

Dave's game from this match is available to view. It's worth it for the final position alone!

Update: Andrew has written a match report for the match.

10 Jan 2017:

The B-team ended their losing streak with a solid 4-2 win over an under-strength South Bristol A. Full details of how we abuse opening principles are in the match report.

The E-team also had a great time of things with a 5-1 win over Keynsham B with every board remaining undefeated.

3 Jan 2017:

The A-team continued its winning streak with a 4-2 win over Horfield B although it could have gone the other way. Details can be found here.

The D-team had a much more impressive showing at Horfield against their D-team with a 6-0 win. Ian has written the match report.

31 Dec 2016:

Before the we finally see the year out, the finished 2016 buzzer tournament wallchart is available to download.

27 Dec 2016:

Update: The buzzer tournament was another festive success, with Lewis Martin taking home the top prize with only one dropped game (and not against me). Early indications were that it may be a long night with the first round lasting until after 8 o'clock, but the pace picked up and there were plenty of exciting games to be seen with sharp play and unsound sacrifices. I'm already looking forward to next year's! There were a lot of prizes and a lot of shared places. A special well done to the juniors who, by winning the U100 prize, beat the U125s!

Place Player Pts
1st Lewis Martin 9/10
2nd David Painter-Kooiman 7½/10
3rd= Michael Meadows 7/10
3rd= Thomas Thorpe 7/10
U125= Richard Collis 3½/10
U125= James MacArthur 3½/10
U100= Oliver Stubbs 4½/10
U100= Jack Tye 4½/10
U95 Nick Cunliffe 3/10

As ever, a very special thank you must go to Shaun Walsh and Geoff Gammon for organising and running such a smooth and successful event!

20 Dec 2016:

It was a tough night for the E-team as they went down 2-4 to a strong South Bristol C. Clearly they were saving themselves for the buzzer tournament next week!

19 Dec 2016:

David has supplied a chess report from Hong Kong, a new distance record!

13 Dec 2016:

The A-team was up against a five-board end of term University A but still made it look like hard work with a 4½-1½ win. Berations abound in the match report.

Though there is some debate as to the interpretation of Rule 10.2 on board 2, the C-team definitely won against North Bristol A. 4-2 (scores may vary).

The five-board E-team had a tougher time against Yate A and came away with only a 2-4 score.

Update: Andrew has supplied a C-team match report.

12 Dec 2016:

The D-team overcame a strong Clevedon B with a 4-2 win. Ian's written the details in his match report.

11 Dec 2016:

Although some eyes may be on the London Chess Classic, most people know the real action was in the U1600 weekend tournament. Thomas Carter, Grant Daly, Jack Tye and Shaun Walsh were all in attendance and everyone scored at least 50%. Thomas was our top player with 3½/5. A full breakdown of the scores can be found on the official website.

7 Dec 2016:

The D-team scored a peaceable 3-3 draw against Cabot A. For full details, don't forget to read Ian's match report.

6 Dec 2016:

Unfortunately it has been a season of streaks so far for the B-team. First it was the winning streak, but a 1½-4½ loss to Horfield A continues the losing streak. The match report should be up on Thursday as I'm off to see The Cursed Child.

Update: It's still Thursday, so here's the match report!

The F-team took a tough 0-4 drubbing against a very strong Bath University team.

5 Dec 2016:

Downend had only one representative at the Dorset Chess Congress and he was playing a section higher than normal in the Intermediate. Regardless, Oli came equal first with 4/5 and an incredible 166 grading performance (48 more than his current grade). For his trouble he won the Book Prize for the Best Junior Performance. For the full tables check out the congress website.

Oli Stubbs

Reports indicate that it was a fantastic event (over 100 players in attendance) in a great location and is strongly recommended to our members for next year.

4 Dec 2016:

The tribute page to club president Michael Wood is now available to view. A number of Michael's games have also been added to our page.

2 Dec 2016:

Our Games page just got a lot more interesting. Games are now categorised in a whole host of new ways which will make it easier to find ones you want to see. I'm now going through the slow process of categorising the 200+ games we already have on the system.

1 Dec 2016:

Despite two early wins the C-team were unable to earn more than a 3-3 draw against a resilient Keynsham A.

Update: Andrew has delivered an excellent match report of the night.

29 Nov 2016:

The B-team's renewed push for the league title may have suffered a significant setback after a 2½-3½ loss to Clifton A, the third on the bounce. I'll apportion blame as soon as I've finished the report.

The E-team had a much better time scoring a magnificent 4½-1½ against Clifton C. Ian has won the "quickest report" of the night award by already submitting a match report.

Ok, I'm done moping about the result and I've written the match report.

Update: The F-team were narrowly defeated 1½-2½ by North Bristol despite some good play from our juniors.

28 Nov 2016:

Last weekend was the Bristol Winter Congress and once again Downend had a great turn out. David has written another excellent report for those who want to catch up.

26 Nov 2016:

Geoff's game from Tuesday's match against Graham is available to view. Enjoy the most tactical English game you'll ever see.

Also some of our friends over at Bristol University have made a website with the aim of improving your chess, starting with my favourite aspect - the opening! Check it out at One day I'll get paid for these sorts of plugs.

24 Nov 2016:

Don't worry about the Keynsham B vs Downend E match, it's only been postponed!

22 Nov 2016:

The knockout out team was missing a number of the A-team players but their depth meant a convincing 5½-2½ win against South Bristol in a night of dropped pieces. Match report to be harassed out of someone soon.

The D-team scored a great 4-2 win against Horfield D with no losses. Word on the street is that Ian is writing a match report.

Ian was the first to get a match report in.

The F-team had a harder time against Yate B losing 1½-2½.

Update: Turns out I was writing the knockout match report despite not being in attendance.

20 Nov 2016:

The first round of the 4NCL went surprisingly well on the Saturday (5½-2½ against CSC Dragons) and much less so on the Sunday (2½-5½ against Barbican Youth). The eloquent Daniel Young has been charged with writing the report, but as followers of his blog will know it could be 2017 by the time they're complete! In the meantime, the games from the weekend are available on the Games page.

Also it wouldn't be a weekend without some junior news. David Kan fills us in:

It was the Musketeers Junior Chess Congress this weekend at Cheltenham with a number of Downend Juniors participating. Our newest member Arron was competing in the U11 with Joe and Toby, whilst Jack Tye was competing in the U14. All did fantastic. In the U11, Joe and Arron finished with 4 wins and 2 losses. A great performance from Arron and for sure will further strengthen the Downend Juniors (watch out seniors :D). Toby finished with 5 wins and 1 draw and was tied with the eventual winner on points and progression, so the total points of the opponents they played were used to decide the winner. Unfortunately Toby lost out this time, but the prize went to his good friend, so he was happy. Jack put in another strong performance with 3 win and 2 losses.

Daniel saw what I wrote and has already produced a match report for the Sunday loss. No doubt he's busy writing the Saturday as you read.

Update: Yet another match report that mentions my inability to play chess. Jerry's plan of never writing another report appears to be succeeding.

15 Nov 2016:

In the internal derby the A-team beat the B-team 4-2, though I'm sure I can say without any hint of bias that the B-team were utterly, utterly robbed. Find out how in the match report.

The D-team relied on their bottom boards and managed a similarly comfortable win against Hanham A. 4-2 there.

Downend E had a much more difficult time against a strong Cabot A and lost 1½-4½.

David Kan has been busy writing reports about more junior tournaments where Downend & Fishponds are once again crushing the opposition. Now is as good a time as any to remind our members that if you have something you'd like on the site (ideally chess-related) let me know!

Update: Ian has written a match report for the D-team match!

14 Nov 2016:

Mike Passmore has reminded us of a short poem written by Michael Wood that we would like to share with the rest of the club:

In death no longer need I fight for breath
Then, think not of me below, decaying
But above, hooraying

  - Michael Wood

13 Nov 2016:

There was another storming performance from the club's attendees at the Torbay Congress. Read all about it in John's congress report.

8 Nov 2016:

The minor knockout team march into the semi-final after a commanding 4½-1½ win against Clifton. Quills are being put to parchment as we speak, so expect a match report soon.

The B-team's unbeaten run came to an end as they lost 2½-3½ against Bath A. I've tried not to let anything too topical impact on the accompanying match report.

It was also a touch night for the F-team that took a ½-3½ drubbing against Cabot B. Not to worry, I believe it was the E-team's fault for ending the club's undefeated run.

7 Nov 2016:

Now that the fireworks are over for another year (barring the A vs B-team match), it's time to start preparing for Christmas. In particular, the Downend Christmas Buzzer Tournament! For those too busy to click the link for the entry form, it's on 27th December, 19:00-23:00. We look forward to seeing you there!

6 Nov 2016:

Update: The annual club match Pentyrch was held on Sunday and with the help of a few familiar faces Pentyrch were able to earn a narrow win. Downend & Fishponds lost 4-5. Worse yet, I had to modify the site to accommodate nine-board matches. Match reports and pictures to follow.

1 Nov 2016:

The A-team rolled on, but this time with a convincing 4½-1½ win against Horfield B. There's also an accompanying 'live' match report. Better yet, we have Stephen's game from the match!

The bottom boards saved the blushes of the C-team with a narrow 3½-2½ win against South Bristol B. The match report will be delayed, but I"m sure it'll be worth the wait.

The E-team had a harder time against Hanham A losing 1½-4½. This was the club's first loss since the 19th September (because I'm not counting the internal D vs E-team match)! What a streak!

Update: Andrew has been writing tirelessly since the match, and here is his report.

26 Oct 2016:

The B-team continued their 100% streak with a thoroughly undeserved 4½-1½ win against Clifton B. Apologetic match report to accompany.

Despite a clear grading advantage, our D-team managed a much narrower 3½-2½ win against South Bristol D. Ian has written another excellent match report.

Rounding off the jam-packed evening, the F-team pipped Hanham B 2½-1½ with fine wins from Toby and our newest member.

24 Oct 2016:

The 4NCL fixtures have been published. Downend & Fishponds are in Division 2a, competing against local rivals West is Best 1. That key fixture is the first match in February.

21 Oct 2016:

For those interested in the details of Mike Wood's funeral, it is being held at 14:00 Wednesday 9th November at All Saints Church, Winterbourne Down.

Michael Wood

No flowers at his request, but any donations to All Saints.

20 Oct 2016:

The C-team narrowly scored 2 points against Thornbury with a 3½-2½ win.

Update: A match report appeared!

18 Oct 2016:

The B-team managed a ridiculous 5-1 against the University A-team, though as the upcoming match report will confess, for much of the match it looked as if the score would be reversed.

Defaulting on the bottom two boards made it much more difficult for Keynsham B, but our D-team managed an even better result than the B-team by winning 5½-½.

The F-team were also packed into the match room and they too earnt two points by beating Harambee 2½-1½.

Update: Match report number 1. Match report number 2.

16 Oct 2016:

This weekend Toby was in action at the English Closed Championships and notched another fantastic result! For full details please check out David's write up of the weekend.

14 Oct 2016:

It is with great sadness that we must report that Michael Wood, Mike to so many, passed away this evening. He had been suffering from various ailments and had been in Southmead for the last few days before eventually his heart failed.

As our President for the last fifteen years, and Treasurer, Captain and Chairman before that, Mike had always had the best interests of the club at heart and especially valued good sportsmanship in all his dealings, which go far beyond chess. Of course he also served the league for many years and was greatly respected by all who came into contact with him.

A fuller appreciation will follow and funeral details will also be made available in due course.

13 Oct 2016:

Even without Henry the unstoppable A-team juggernaut rolled on, netting a comfortable-looking 4½-1½ win over South Bristol A. Come hell or high water there will be a match report soon.

Update: An even more heroic team effort on display was everyone else helping to put together the match report for which I have selfishly claimed the writing credit.

12 Oct 2016:

Andrew has penned another match report following the C-team's fine 4-2 win away to Bath B.

Update: Dave's exciting game has been published and is worth a look through.

11 Oct 2016:

It was a close internal match between the D and the E-team, but the D-team managed to (finally) claim a full 2 points by winning 3½-2½. Ian has also written an excellent match report (which also means we now have a match report for the E-team!).

10 Oct 2016:

Update: Grant started his F-team captaincy with a 2-2 draw against a strong Clevedon C.

8 Oct 2016:

The Chipping Sodbury rapidplay was a particular success for the club as Lewis Martin managed a heroic 6/6 and a performance rating of 228 to win the Open. More to follow, I'm sure.

Update: There was far more club triumph at the tournament than "just" Lewis' success. John Stubbs was there and has made his report debut for the site, while also providing enough photos for another gallery.

4 Oct 2016:

The A-team haven't been in touch about their result, so I can only assume they lost 0-6 at home to Clifton's B-team. (They didn't really. They actually won 3½-2½, but I'm using humour to make a point Jerry! Board breakdown and match report too please.)

The C-team had a much better time at turning in their result (4-2 against a strong University B-team) and match report. Top work from Andrew!

Andrew continues to be a star by providing the full 3½-2½ win for the A-team.

A number of people have strongly recommended Nigel's wild game against John Waterfield so I've put it up without permission. Enjoy!

The F-team match was postponed, so stay tuned for that!

Update: With notes from Ian and games from Andrew, I've put together a match report that relies surprisingly heavily on niche quotes from the 1997 film The Fifth Element.

3 Oct 2016:

Toby was busy last weekend at the Junior 4NCL and scored an incredible 4½/5 on top board for his team! His father David has written a report of the event, guest starring Geoff.

2 Oct 2016:

Jack Tye was competing Under 14s Northern Silver Plate Tournament in Manchester on the weekend of the 24th September. He managed an incredible 2nd place! Well done to Jack! If anyone is able to provide any more details please let me know.

29 Sep 2016:

Please note that as of yesterday, Grant Daly is now the captain of the F-team. Contact details can be found on our contact page. Thank you to Shaun for all his efforts in organising the F-team.

27 Sep 2016:

The minor knockout team got off to a tremendous start with a 5-1 win against Hanham. Nigel has also penned a match report!

The A-team were away to Horfield A and managed another close 3½-2½ win. We shall hassle Jerry until a report is produced.

Update: Jerry caved! Here's his match report.

25 Sep 2016:

Chris Beaumont's simultaneous exhibition was a great success, particularly for our own Oli Stubbs who managed to score a full point. In lieu of the game (which I shall be relentlessly tracking down) Oli and Toby's fathers have taken some pictures put together in this report.

Toby and Jack with their trophies

In addition, we have also got Oliver's first attempt at annotating one of his games, which I trust will inspire the rest of you.

Update: Oliver's game has arrived!

23 Sep 2016:

The B-team had a surprisingly fortunate night at South Bristol against their A-team. With some close time scrambles that fell in our favour, the B-team managed another 4-2 win. I've made light of the evening in the match report.

21 Sep 2016:

Chris Beaumont will be hosting a free simul this Saturday between 12:00-17:00 at the The Curio Lounge. It's not every day you get to play an IM!

20 Sep 2016:

The A-team scraped a 3½-2½ win against an increasingly strong Bath A. Having actually been there for some of it, I felt I could justify writing a match report.

The C-team also had a narrow 3½-2½ win against a highly graded Grendel team. Well done to Dominique for bucking the trend of black losing every board. I've also uploaded Dave's game because I'm sure he'll hound me until everyone has seen his double bishop mate. It's a lovely tactic every player must know and will never see in a real game. To better summarise the match, Andrew has written a match report

The F-team managed a 2-2 draw against Clifton E. Well done to Toby for his excellent play after turning down a draw to save the point for his team! (His game will be on our site soon I'm sure!)

Update: As if by magic, here's Toby's game.

19 Sep 2016:

Clevedon once again proved themselves to be giants in their leagues as their very strong B-team snatched victory from our E-team 2½-3½. Excellent play from our juniors won the majority of our game points.

15 Sep 2016:

Our juniors have so many successes that they forget to mention their triumph at the British Championships. Toby was involved in the U10 where he finished joint 13th with a fantastic 4/7, 12 places above his seeding! I've looked at his games and annotated my favourite. Who doesn't love to see the dismantling of a Colle-Zukertort? Well done Toby!

13 Sep 2016:

The B-team began their Division 1 campaign with a 4-2 win against Horfield B. I've attempted to write a match report though I did find myself in something of a time scramble.

In the room next door, Downend E were playing Horfield's D-team. The final score was a 3½-2½ win, though a number of people commented that Jack's game was the stand-out performance of the night. If we're lucky maybe we'll see it on the site soon!

Back at home our D-team were hosting Yate A and once again the D-team came away with a 3-3 draw. Full details can be found in Ian's match report.

Update: Jack's game against Horfield D is up. After some nice play he found a great sacrifice.

12 Sep 2016:

With four earlier draws, the match between our C-team and Clevedon A depended on our bottom two boards. Unfortunately, Caissa simply wasn't on our side and the C-team lost 2½-3½, though against such a strong team it is hard to feel too disappointed.

Update: Andrew has also written a match report!

8 Sep 2016:

It was a bizarre night for the D-team visiting South Bristol C, but after all the shenanigans the result was a 3-3 draw. Ian has the details with his match report.

7 Sep 2016:

Time for a bit of housekeeping news from John Stubbs:

Richard Livermore - At the Penarth chess congress Richard came 1st in the major section with an unbeaten score of 4½/5!

At the recent Steve Boniface Memorial congress (Aug 26th - 28th), three of our juniors were involved in the Minor section; Toby Kan, Oliver Stubbs and Jack Tye. They all achieved results of at least 50% - a great showing for the club and themselves!

In round 5 Toby was paired against Oli on board 2. Both were on 3/4 and battling it out for 2nd place. After much discussion about possible openings the game started. An extremely long and tight game ensued, drawing in plenty of spectators including IMs and GMs! Toby eventually came through and secured 2nd place. A really excellent result for Toby, who also achieved an impressive performance grade of 144! Oli is now studying his end game book with even more resolve and looking forward to the next Bristol Chess congress in November!

6 Sep 2016:

It was quite the night for fixtures! The A-team began their title bid with a strong (albeit charmed) 4-2 win against current champions Clifton A. Do check out the match report, but if you want a report written by someone in attendance there's always Clifton's.

It was a much more peaceful affair between our C-team and Horfield's. With four draws and one decisive game either way, a 3-3 draw was the result. Andrew has also been busy writing a match report (our most scribed season)

There were fewer draws (only one!) in the E-team's match against South Bristol D which resulted in a 3½-2½ win.

Four out of four undefeated matches this season!

31 Aug 2016:

The final summer rapidplay wallchart has been released. The prizewinners were:

Place Player Pts
1st Stephen Meek 14½/18
2nd= Jim Sherwin 14/18
2nd= Javier Ruano Marco 14/18
4th Chris Russell 13½/18
5th= Richard Savory 13/18
5th= Charlie Fry 13/18
U150 Mike Harris 10½/18
Junior Oliver Stubbs 7/18
U100 Grant Daly 7/18

A special extra thanks should be made to Shaun Walsh and Geoff Gammon for organising and running such a smooth and successful event!

30 Aug 2016:

Update: The season began before September with the D-team scoring a cool 3-3 draw against Clifton C. Starting what may also be our most scribed season (hinting to all our captains) Ian has written a match report.

23 Aug 2016:

The final night of the summer rapidplay saw Stephen Meek hold on to his lead finish with the best 3 nights of the event. Full results to follow!

21 Aug 2016:

Toby was playing in the national Challengers Tournament and scored an excellent 3/6. He and his father have put together a report of the weekend, which includes an online petition to save the UK Chess Challenge. Please have a look! We're also looking forward to seeing how Jack gets on at the Northern Plate Tournament!

19 Aug 2016:

For those getting all worked up about the final night of the summer rapidplay, Shaun has kindly added the best two week performances to the wallchart. At the top we have:

Place Player Pts Other
1st Stephen Meek 11/2 -
2nd Jim Sherwin 10½/12 -
3rd John Curtis 10/12 -
4th Chris Russell 9½/12 4
5th= Charlie Fry 9/12 4
5th= Jerry Humphreys 9/12
5th= Javier Ruano Marco 9/12 -
5th= Igor Doklestic 9/12 -

16 Aug 2016:

Team registrations have also been decided. With a wealth of strong players across the board we've been able to put together some very strong teams! If you don't yet know, please see your registration on our Players page to find yours. For our non-club readers, please note that a number of captains have been shuffled about and the Contact page has been updated accordingly.

9 Aug 2016:

The summer rapidplay is heating up! After the third week of the top of the table stands:

Place Player Pts
1st Chris Russell 13½/18
2nd Charlie Fry 13/18
3rd Stephen Meek 11/18
4th= Tony Harvey 10½/18
4th= John Curtis 10½/18
4th= Gareth Morris 10½/18
4th= Jim Sherwin 10½/18

As much as Charlie and Chris are attempting to run away with the title it should be noted that Stephen, John, Gareth and Jim have only played in two of the three weeks, with the best three weeks deciding the final position. The full third week wallchart is also available.

23 Jul 2016:

New grades are out! It's been a very strong year for many of our players, particularly Chris who smashed the 200 barrier properly this time by 9 points! If you don't want to use the official site, you can always find yours on our Players page.

12 Jul 2016:

We had the second night of our summer rapidplay. The full wallchart has been made available by Shaun.

10 Jul 2016:

A contingent of Downend juniors were in action over the weekend at the Gigafinals, all of whom performed with tremendous results. Toby's father David has produced another great write-up of the weekend.

28 Jun 2016:

Andrew Cooper's game against Matthew Payne in the B-team match against Bath A is now available to view.

21 Jun 2016:

We had the first round of the Summer Rapidplay. As ever it was a triumph (unless you consider my score). Remember it's not too late to join in and the next night is the 12th July.

Update: The top standings given to view below, but the full standings are also available for download. John Curtis is out in the lead with 100%, but there are four players with 5/6 chasing him.

Place Player Pts
1st John Curtis 6/6
2nd= Charlie Fry 5/6
2nd= Mike Harris 5/6
2nd= Javier Ruano Marco 5/6
2nd= Martin White 5/6

15 Jun 2016:

Ian has updated the club history with an annual summary of the club's achievements.

Don't forget the first weekend of the Downend Summer Rapidplay begins next week!

7 Jun 2016:

Despite no warning from the website whatsoever (whoops!), the club held its AGM. With Euro 2016 days away from kick-off, details appear in a football-themed report.

3 Jun 2016:

Jon Fisher et al. from Horfield Chess Club have released a new app! Chess Journal allows you to store, analyse and annotate all your games. I've already started playing around with it and trying to work out where it all went wrong for me this season. You can download Chess Journal here.

15 May 2016:

Oliver Stubbs has joined Jack, Toby and Joseph in qualifying for the Northern Gigafinals by finishing second in the Worcestershire Megafinals. Oliver came second in the Under-14 section with a very impressive 4½/6! Congratulations to all and I'm sure the rest of the club is looking forward to a Gigafinal report.

10 May 2016:

With some close games and despite the 4-4 draw, Horfield were triumphant knockout winners on board count. Congratulations to Horfield! For a rundown of the evening, I've written a knockout report.

Update: The games from the night can now be found on our Games page though links are also available through the report and the match page.

7 May 2016:

Three of Downend's juniors went to the Megafinals and all three qualified for the Gigafinals in Manchester! Toby's 6/6 performance in the Under 10 section earning him the title of Under 10 Gloucester Supremo deserves a special mention. For more details please see David Kan's report.

3 May 2016:

The D-team finished the league season with a 2-4 loss against a five-man Clifton C.

2 May 2016:

The season's all but over now, so it's time for us all to get ready for the Downend Summer Rapidplay. Clear your schedules now!

The final 4NCL weekend started very well for Downend & Fishponds who won 5-3 against Barbican Youth. Even with the surprise 3-5 loss to Grantham Sharks 2 on Sunday, promotion hopes were still being entertained. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go to play on the Monday with a 3½-4½ loss to King's Head. Games from the weekend can be found on our Games page (perfect for summer rapidplay preparation) and Jerry will be mercilessly hassled to write a weekend report.