2015/16 Season

30 Aug 2016:

Update: The season began before September with the D-team scoring a cool 3-3 draw against Clifton C. Starting what may also be our most scribed season (hinting to all our captains) Ian has written a match report.

23 Aug 2016:

The final night of the summer rapidplay saw Stephen Meek hold on to his lead finish with the best 3 nights of the event. Full results to follow!

21 Aug 2016:

Toby was playing in the national Challengers Tournament and scored an excellent 3/6. He and his father have put together a report of the weekend, which includes an online petition to save the UK Chess Challenge. Please have a look! We're also looking forward to seeing how Jack gets on at the Northern Plate Tournament!

19 Aug 2016:

For those getting all worked up about the final night of the summer rapidplay, Shaun has kindly added the best two week performances to the wallchart. At the top we have:

Place Player Pts Other
1st Stephen Meek 11/2 -
2nd Jim Sherwin 10½/12 -
3rd John Curtis 10/12 -
4th Chris Russell 9½/12 4
5th= Charlie Fry 9/12 4
5th= Jerry Humphreys 9/12
5th= Javier Ruano Marco 9/12 -
5th= Igor Doklestic 9/12 -

16 Aug 2016:

Team registrations have also been decided. With a wealth of strong players across the board we've been able to put together some very strong teams! If you don't yet know, please see your registration on our Players page to find yours. For our non-club readers, please note that a number of captains have been shuffled about and the Contact page has been updated accordingly.

9 Aug 2016:

The summer rapidplay is heating up! After the third week of the top of the table stands:

Place Player Pts
1st Chris Russell 13½/18
2nd Charlie Fry 13/18
3rd Stephen Meek 11/18
4th= Tony Harvey 10½/18
4th= John Curtis 10½/18
4th= Gareth Morris 10½/18
4th= Jim Sherwin 10½/18

As much as Charlie and Chris are attempting to run away with the title it should be noted that Stephen, John, Gareth and Jim have only played in two of the three weeks, with the best three weeks deciding the final position. The full third week wallchart is also available.

23 Jul 2016:

New grades are out! It's been a very strong year for many of our players, particularly Chris who smashed the 200 barrier properly this time by 9 points! If you don't want to use the official site, you can always find yours on our Players page.

12 Jul 2016:

We had the second night of our summer rapidplay. The full wallchart has been made available by Shaun.

10 Jul 2016:

A contingent of Downend juniors were in action over the weekend at the Gigafinals, all of whom performed with tremendous results. Toby's father David has produced another great write-up of the weekend.

28 Jun 2016:

Andrew Cooper's game against Matthew Payne in the B-team match against Bath A is now available to view.

21 Jun 2016:

We had the first round of the Summer Rapidplay. As ever it was a triumph (unless you consider my score). Remember it's not too late to join in and the next night is the 12th July.

Update: The top standings given to view below, but the full standings are also available for download. John Curtis is out in the lead with 100%, but there are four players with 5/6 chasing him.

Place Player Pts
1st John Curtis 6/6
2nd= Charlie Fry 5/6
2nd= Mike Harris 5/6
2nd= Javier Ruano Marco 5/6
2nd= Martin White 5/6

15 Jun 2016:

Ian has updated the club history with an annual summary of the club's achievements.

Don't forget the first weekend of the Downend Summer Rapidplay begins next week!

7 Jun 2016:

Despite no warning from the website whatsoever (whoops!), the club held its AGM. With Euro 2016 days away from kick-off, details appear in a football-themed report.

3 Jun 2016:

Jon Fisher et al. from Horfield Chess Club have released a new app! Chess Journal allows you to store, analyse and annotate all your games. I've already started playing around with it and trying to work out where it all went wrong for me this season. You can download Chess Journal here.

15 May 2016:

Oliver Stubbs has joined Jack, Toby and Joseph in qualifying for the Northern Gigafinals by finishing second in the Worcestershire Megafinals. Oliver came second in the Under-14 section with a very impressive 4½/6! Congratulations to all and I'm sure the rest of the club is looking forward to a Gigafinal report.

10 May 2016:

With some close games and despite the 4-4 draw, Horfield were triumphant knockout winners on board count. Congratulations to Horfield! For a rundown of the evening, I've written a knockout report.

Update: The games from the night can now be found on our Games page though links are also available through the report and the match page.

7 May 2016:

Three of Downend's juniors went to the Megafinals and all three qualified for the Gigafinals in Manchester! Toby's 6/6 performance in the Under 10 section earning him the title of Under 10 Gloucester Supremo deserves a special mention. For more details please see David Kan's report.

3 May 2016:

The D-team finished the league season with a 2-4 loss against a five-man Clifton C.

2 May 2016:

The season's all but over now, so it's time for us all to get ready for the Downend Summer Rapidplay. Clear your schedules now!

The final 4NCL weekend started very well for Downend & Fishponds who won 5-3 against Barbican Youth. Even with the surprise 3-5 loss to Grantham Sharks 2 on Sunday, promotion hopes were still being entertained. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go to play on the Monday with a 3½-4½ loss to King's Head. Games from the weekend can be found on our Games page (perfect for summer rapidplay preparation) and Jerry will be mercilessly hassled to write a weekend report.

26 Apr 2016:

The A-team finished the season with a fine 4½-1½ win over Bath A. In fact, we were perhaps a little unlucky to have not won by more. Find out how I justify such outrageousness in the match report.

To avoid the travesty of having an undefeated season without a single game making it onto our site, Chris' win from the Bath A match is available to view, along with some annotations from Dave.

Update: Our C-team finished their promotion season with a 3-3 draw against Hanham A.

Downend E were unfortunate 1½-2½ losers against comfortable Division 4 winners Patchway B.

21 Apr 2016:

The F-team rounded out their season with a comfortable 3-1 win against a randomly ordered South Bristol D.

19 Apr 2016:

The B-team did it! By all accounts (and no doubt the upcoming match report) it was a tense affair against Horfield B with 5 boards being decided in the final 15 minutes. The final score was 3½-2½.

Update: The D-team also managed a 3½-2½ win against Hanham B. An excellent evening all round!

Ian has written the match report for the B-team's survival match.

13 Apr 2016:

Despite the 2½-3½ loss against Bath A, the B-team will feel a little frustrated at not claiming any points. Relegation places will now be decided by the Grendel vs Clevedon A and Horfield B vs Downend B matches on Monday.

The E-team had a good performance against three-man South Bristol D, drawing 2-2 overall.

Update: Ian has written a match report for the B-team's fixture.

12 Apr 2016:

The C-team have won Division 3! With a comfortable 4½-1½ win over Clifton C, our C-team will be back to Division 2 next year after their single season absence.

The A-team were also playing against University A and with some good last minute scrambles managed 3½-2½ win. Don't forget the match report for the night.

Update: Nigel has written a match report of the match that saw the C-team return to Division 2

7 Apr 2016:

It was a good night for the F-team as they managed to defeat Harambee B 3-1.

5 Apr 2016:

Title contenders Horfield A were unable to stop the A-team from winning 4-2. which will certainly make Clifton A and South Bristol A league favourites. Also, I've written a match report based on hearsay and speculation.

The D-team also had a great night against Yate B winning 5-1.

29 Mar 2016:

Four-man Clevedon A were unable to save the points against our A-team, with the score ending at 5-1. Despite my grumpiness, I've also done the match report.

The E-team also had a good time of things winning 3-1 against Keynsham B.

23 Mar 2016:

Another game has surfaced from Tuesday's excitement. Robert Taylor's board 1 game against Yate B is definitely worth playing over.

In knockout news, Horfield managed a tight win against Bath 4½-3½. This means the knockout final will be between Downend and Horfield in May.

22 Mar 2016:

It was the club's first match in the Knockout this season. Despite some close shaves all boards remained undefeated and the match finished 5½-2½. The final will be between Horfield or Bath. I hope you'll forgive the indulgence, but I've put my game from the evening online.

The C-team continued their promotion charge with a strong 5-1 win against Yate B. Promotion is almost guaranteed at this point and another two points would win the C-team the title.

Ian has been writing tirelessly all day to bring us a match report for the knockout.

Update: Downend E had a tough time against Horfield D, losing 1-3.

20 Mar 2016:

Update: The Downend & Fishponds club had some success at the 4NCL with a 4½-3½ win and a 4-4 draw. Captain Jerry has also graced us with not one, but two match reports from the weekend.

15 Mar 2016:

The A-team may have scraped a 3½-2½ win against Grendel, but with our three wins coming quite quickly the match was over relatively quickly.

The C-team took some of the pressure off the promotion race in Division 3 by beating rivals South Bristol C 4-2.

Sadly it wasn't all good news for the teams, as the F-team succumbed to Cabot B 1½-2½.

Update: I hope you were braced because here's the A-team match report.

14 Mar 2016:

The B-team scored a resounding 4½-1½ win against Clevedon A, although I am assured that the match was significantly closer than the score would suggest with two games going down to seconds on the clock. Still, a win is a win, and the B-team is out of the relegation zone!

Update: Ian was spectating at the match and has written a match report.

8 Mar 2016:

Despite looking to have the league title wrapped up, our A-team managed to slow Clifton A's bid by winning 4-2.

Downend D were also in action against South Bristol C. Despite some close games we lost 2-4.

Update: Dave was spectating the A-team match and has written a match report.

3 Mar 2016:

It was a mutually-agreed three-board match between the F-team and Bath University. Geoff has already been characteristically modest about his win, but it helped the team win 2-1.

2 Mar 2016:

Just catching up on a few fixtures that had slipped through the net this season. The E-team lost 1-3 against Bath University, and unfortunately 1-3 again against a strong Horfield D. We're still on course to complete every fixture on the website for the season!

1 Mar 2016:

The C-team had a good 4-2 win against Cabot A, staying just a step ahead of the promotion rivals.

The E-team on the other hand managed a 2-2 draw against Harambee B.

Update: Nigel has written a match report for the C-team match!

25 Feb 2016:

There's no respite for the C-team as the D-team were unable to slow the University's B-team juggernaut, losing 1½-4½ despite some tough battles.

23 Feb 2016:

It was a close match and due to two time scrambles, two half points may have been dropped resulting in the B-team losing 2½-3½ to South Bristol A.

The F-team were also at home, playing host to Horfield D. The match was a 2-2 draw.

Update: Ian has written a match report for the B-team's match.

22 Feb 2016:

Chris Russell made his commentary debut at the British Universities Chess Championship. For those who missed it, it's available on the BUCA YouTube Channel. One particular highlight can be found at the start of Round 4 where Chris is gushing over Sam Chow's bold g5 push against IM Yang-Fan Zhou.

21 Feb 2016:

The Downend Juniors had a busy weekend and David Kan (Toby's father) has written a summary which is worth checking out.

16 Feb 2016:

The C vs D-team match was closer than expected. With 30 minutes to spare the C-team was heading for defeat until a mistake and a time scramble draw spared the C-team's blushes. 3½-2½ was the final score.

14 Feb 2016:

The club's 4NCL side did very well at the weekend to beat BCM Dragons 4½-3½ despite fielding a weakened team. On the Sunday, the team was heavily out-graded and unfortunately it told in the 1½-6½ defeat. Full credit to board 1 stand-in Chris for drawing with 2 FMs!

11 Feb 2016:

To paraphrase Dominic Bennett from earlier in the day, whoever lost the South Bristol A vs Downend A can consider their title bid over. Well, that certainly takes the pressure off. 2½-3½. Match report sometime tomorrow.

Update: As promised, the match report.

Richard has also annotated his game for the website. It was one of our better ones from last night, so do check it out!

10 Feb 2016:

It was an excellent 2½-1½ win for our F-team against the highly graded Keynsham B.

9 Feb 2016:

Downend B were against a five-man Grendel, with the man missing being their board 1! A few points later and our Bs had won 4½-1½. Maybe league survival is still on the cards!

The C-team had a tough match against Clifton C, but eventually managed to remain undefeated on every board, winning 4½-1½.

Update: With Cabot fresh from a stonking performance at Kidlington, our E-team had a tough time against their B-team, losing ½-3½.

Ian has also written two catch up reports, for the B-team match vs the University and the match against Grendel.

6 Feb 2016:

Nigel and Andrew have been busy writing match reports. The C-team vs University B can be found here and Andrew's report of the romp vs Hanham B is here.

4 Feb 2016:

Despite out-grading their opponents on five out of six boards, it was another disappointing night for the B-team as the University's A-team pulled all the stops out and finished the match at 1½-4½.

2 Feb 2016:

The 5½-½ scoreline against Hanham B flatters the C-team a little as one board included a successful queen for a piece "sacrifice". Great result, nevertheless!

For those who like to look through games, the club's 4NCL games are now online.

Update: The E-team was also in action, but only against a two-man Bath University side. The result was 3-1.

28 Jan 2016:

The University (whose website is currently hiding on our domain) B-team has put the title race of Division 3 back into question as they slowed our C-team's bid, after we lost 2½-3½.

26 Jan 2016:

New grades are out! You can also find yours on our Players page, though you may not want to.

The Downend A vs B team match is always unpredictable, especially with both teams missing players. In the end the B-team emerged 4-2 victors. Don't forget the double match report, one written by Ian and one written by me.. There are also two games from the match in our Games page.

The D-team was playing a very strong Cabot A, but performed very well (in particular with the black pieces) and managed a 3-3 draw.

24 Jan 2016:

Update: The 4NCL team was once again in action and still just about able to justify the club name. It was an excellent weekend for the team too, winning 5½-2½ and 5-3 far surpassing the Division 2 expectations at the start of the season. Jerry has once again written match reports; round 3 and round 4.

22 Jan 2016:

Ian has kindly summed up the B-team's match against Clifton A in this match report.

19 Jan 2016:

The B-team's streak continued against Clifton A, though they were perhaps a little unlucky with the final result: 2-4. There's going to be a spectacular run of wins for the end of the season!

It was also a difficult night for the F-team, who were hosting Clevedon C: ½-3½.

Update: It wasn't all disappointment for the club however; Downend D managed a 4-2 win over Hanham A.

14 Jan 2016:

In further rising junior news, we have two games played back Jack and Toby from Tuesday's match (also available on our Games page).

12 Jan 2016:

The A-team began their 2016 bid to get back into the league race with a convincing 5-1 against Horfield B, complete with match report.

It was a night of kids rule and the juniors went undefeated in the in-house E vs F derby leaving the score at 2½-1½ to the E-team.

10 Jan 2016:

Toby Kan and Jack Tye were in action over the weekend at the Somerset Junior Tournament. Jack was playing the Under 14 section (the U14, U13 and U12 were grouped together) and Toby played in the Under 11 section (the U11 and U10 grouped together). Jack won his age group and is now South Somerset U12 Champion and Toby won his age group and is now U10 South Somerset Champion! Both have also been selected to represent Somerset this season and they will both have very busy schedules in the next few months!

Toby and Jack with their trophies

5 Jan 2016:

Downend B's woes continued against Horfield A who are still in the running for the title. Despite some tenacious play, the match was lost 2-4.

Ian has written a match report for the night.

Update: It wasn't much better for the F-team who managed draws with the white pieces but eventually lost 1-3 against Patchway B.

4 Jan 2016:

The E-team won the club's first match of the new year 2½-1½ against Clevedon C!

3 Jan 2016:

Happy New Year to all! The Christmas Buzzer tournament was yet another festive success, despite first place being shared between two non-Downend players. The final wallchart is available for those who need a more in-depth breakdown.

1st=Liam Varnam8½/10
1st=Stephen Meek8½/10
3rd=Joe Stewart7½/10
3rd=Lewis Martin7½/10
5thMike Brigden7/10
JuniorJack Tye3/10

22 Dec 2015:

Our E-team rounded off the year with a 2-2 draw against Patchway B with white winning every board.

17 Dec 2015:

Our President, Michael Wood has not been in the best of health for some months but he continues to take great interest in all our activities. He sends his best wishes for the festive season and for success for all teams across the board in the New Year.

15 Dec 2015:

Things started well enough for the B-team away to Horfield A, but one by one the boards fell away and we were left with a 1-5 loss. (Personally I blame Lewis.) Time for a turn around in the new year!

Downend C had an easier time after Harambee A failed to arrive.

Update: It was a night of counter-attacking chess between our E and F-teams, as black won every board and the match was drawn 2-2.

Ian has written a match report for the B-team match against Horfield A.

10 Dec 2015:

The D-team were just pipped by South Bristol C 2½-3½ in a very close match.

8 Dec 2015:

It was a late start at a few of the matches in the centre, but the A-team managed a confident 4-2 win over Grendel. After last week positive report, I was told to up my berating in this week's match report.

Downend E had a good 2-2 draw despite their late start getting to Cabot, against their B-team.

Downend C were also away, to Hanham B. The C-team heavily out-graded their opponents and a professional 5-1 win was the result.

Update: Andrew has written a match report for the C-team's strong win.

7 Dec 2015:

A Downend contingent went to check out the action in the London Chess Classic over the weekend. Here's a quick summary report written as an excuse to include some great photos taken by Toby's father!

3 Dec 2015:

Downend E had a great night away to Harambee B, winning 3-1.

2 Dec 2015:

It's that time again, start getting ready for the legendary Downend Christmas Buzzer tournament! Tuesday 29th December starting at 19:00 (don't be late!). Full details can be found on our Events page and for the lazy, here's the entry form.

1 Dec 2015:

Downend A had a headstart when only five players from South Bristol arrived. Nonetheless, it wasn't easy, but in the end we managed to eke out the 4-2 win. Don't forget to check out the accompanying match report.

The C and D-teams played each other and there was plenty of fighting chess, with the C-team just stealing the match 4-2.

The F-team were the away team at Horfield against their D-team. Unfortunately, it was Horfield's time to shine and our guys came away ½-3½ down.

Update: Andy's been very busy writing reports and has finished one for the D vs C-team match.

29 Nov 2015:

He's soon going to be taking over our Games page for the season, but Javier scored an excellent draw against GM Keith Arkell in the final round of Bristol Winter Congress.

25 Nov 2015:

The rearranged match between our E-team and Keynsham B was a tough one, and we lost 1-3. On the upside, there was an excellent win for Jack Tye.

24 Nov 2015:

It seems that there are simply no easy matches in Division 1 this season. The B-team were hosting Bath A and thanks to a win from new recruit Lewis combined with some strong defensive play from Martin the match was saved at 3-3.

The D-team had it a little easier after Harambee A failed to appear. -10 the walkover score.

Update: Ian has written a match report for the B-team match.

The F-team was also in action against a three-man Bath University team that proved too strong on the night. 1½-2½ was the score.

17 Nov 2015:

The C-team had an eventful match against Cabot A and came away with a 3½-2½ win! Not only that, but Andy has written a match report for those who missed it.

15 Nov 2015:

The 4NCL team was in action in Division 2 for the first time over the weekend. Round 1 was a tough battle with our team noticeably lower rated. Despite some good games, the match was lost 2-6. Round 2 also saw the club out-rated, but with some excellent play Downend & Fishponds emerged victorious 5-2 (with a little help from a default). Jerry was kept busy with match reports; round 1 and round 2.

Update: The match report now includes links to the games from the weekend, which can also be found on our Games page.

10 Nov 2015:

It was a disappointing evening for the B-team against pre-season potential relegation rivals Horfield B losing 1½-4½. Andy has written the match report.

The E-team juniors had a much better time and won the match against Clevedon C 2½-1½.

4 Nov 2015:

Downend A continues its woeful run of form with a 2-4 thumping from Bath. An account of the bloodbath can be found in the match report.

3 Nov 2015:

University A were without superstar Sam Chow when they hosted our B-team. Despite pushing to a 3-1 lead, the university team managed to cling on and draw the match 3-3.

In junior news: Oliver Stubbs, who hopes to play for Downend when he becomes available, scored 3/5 in the Minor section of the 50th Dorset Congress in what was his first standard play tournament. This secured him a share of the U95 grading prize and also a special junior prize, a book, as a promising newcomer. A fine beginning to his tournament play.

Update: Ian has written a match report and I have only just got around to uploading it. Bad webmaster.

1 Nov 2015:

The annual match against Pentyrch finished with Downend claiming a 4-3 victory., with our top boards having a grading advantage which was returned on the lower boards.

27 Oct 2015:

Well it was a busy night for the club! The A-team managed a 3-3 draw against current league leaders Clifton A, though perhaps they could have hoped for more. Naturally we're really hoping our form improves!

The D-team didn't get away so easily! Away to Cabot A, they came away with a disappointing 1-5 drubbing.

The F-team had a close 1-3 loss against Harambee B where counterattacking was order of the day, with only the black pieces scored the full points.

And as if that weren't enough, the 4NCL fixtures have been released!

Update: The C-team had a great night away to Yate B winning 5½-½, complete with match report.

We also have a match report for the A-team match!

22 Oct 2015:

Our B-team faced the strongest ever South Bristol A-team and managed a very close match with the result just falling away 2½-3½ at the end.

Update: Ian has also written a match report!

20 Oct 2015:

Downend C had a very nice 4½-1½ win over Hanham A, and I have been assured that there's a match report coming soon.

The night wasn't quite as successful for our F-team against a strong Cabot B, with the final result 1½-2½.

Update: Lo, the match report is here!

15 Oct 2015:

Javier and Neil have allowed us to put their games from Tuesday on to our Games page. Links for the lazy: Javier and Neil.

Update: It's the night that keeps on giving. Andrew has written a match report for the C-team's win against University B.

13 Oct 2015:

The disappointment for the A-team continues as Horfield exacted their revenge for missing out on the title last year, saddling us with a 2½-3½ loss. At some point we will definitely turn it around. There's also a match report.

It wasn't all doom and gloom as the C-team got some points back from the University B-team after they beat our D-team. It was close, but we won 3½-2½.

8 Oct 2015:

Downend A are still struggling to take home the points (though I can take a good portion of that blame). It was a strong, new University A-team we faced and we came away with a 3-3 draw. As my main contribution to the night, I've written a match report.

Update: Things were any better for our E-team over at South Bristol. Their new D-team players were too strong for us and we lost ½-3½.

6 Oct 2015:

It seems our B-team hasn't quite warmed up yet after things didn't go so well against Clevedon A. The result was a 1½-4½ loss.

Downend D had a difficult time against a strong University B-team, losing 2½-3½. Let's hope the A-team has better luck as the guinea pigs against University A.

It isn't all doom and gloom however, as ten new chess sets have just arrived from Official Staunton. I've tested the sets; the d-pawns seem a little stiff so we'll have to stick with 1. e4 on them, but the f-pawns handle like a dream.

Update: The unhappy task of reporting on the B-team's match fell to Ian, who has written this match report.

5 Oct 2015:

There were only three boards available for Downend F to take to play Clevedon C, but we still came home with a 3-1 win. Geoff has also written a match report for the night!

29 Sep 2015:

It was the A-team playing host to the B-team last night, and despite some close games the As had luck on their side at the end, winning 4½-1½. There is also a match report available to those who want to read my rambling assessments from the night.

The D-team was also playing, away to Yate B, with plenty of decisive games. The match ended in our favour, 3½-2½.

24 Sep 2015:

While we spread our rating allowance across the boards, South Bristol opted for a stronger top of the team, which meant we were in for some tough games on the top boards. In the end South Bristol's strategy paid off and we lost our opening Minor Knockout match 2-4. Well done to South Bristol!

22 Sep 2015:

Downend B's match against Clifton now has a match report as written by Ian.

They were however in action against Grendel last night where a better 3-3 result was earnt.

Update: More reading material has been supplied. Andy had made notes of the match, which Ian has used them to provide a story of the evening. Meanwhile, Andy has been writing a match report for the C-team's first match!

18 Sep 2015:

You may have noticed some new links on the site to the new Official Staunton shop. As part of their introduction they have offered 10 club sets with boards to the first 100 sites that promote them. Let's hope we weren't too late!

Update: Apparently another 10 sets are on their way!

17 Sep 2015:

The C-team had a strong grading advantage against South Bristol C, but it was still a close match. Fortunately, they managed to get the points by winning 4-2

15 Sep 2015:

Downend B's first match back in Division 1 was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. Despite some good chances and promising play against Clifton A, fate simply wasn't on their side and the score finished at ½-5½. Not to worry, there's always the A-team in two weeks!

Back at the home ground, Downend F managed a much happier 3-1 against South Bristol D!

Update: The D-team was also in action and staged a good comeback to win 3½-2½.

14 Sep 2015:

Downend A could only muster a 3-3 draw against Clevedon A. There is also a match report in which I attempt to justify my opening more than recount the story, but the team does get an occasional mention.

8 Sep 2015:

Downend A got their new season off with a fine 4-2 win over Horfield B. I've also put up a match report if you're interested in reliving the evening.

Downend F also won 4-0 after Keynsham B were unable to make the fixture.

Update: It was a night of counter-attacks as our D-team took on Clifton C, with black winning every game! 3-3.

3 Sep 2015:

A junior-filled Downend F started their season by coming back from 0-2 down to draw 2-2 against Patchway!

1 Sep 2015:

The season has begun! Downend D were away to Hanham B and managed a convincing 4-2 win.

31 Aug 2015:

Jerry has put together a summary of Downend & Fishponds' showing at the Steve Boniface Memorial Congress with some photos from the weekend.

24 Aug 2015:

Shameless Plug: With the new chess season fast approaching, I will be running a score prediction league for Division 1. Entry is free and the winner will receive a beverage of their choice when they can finally catch me.

To enter, please sign up with this website and once your account has been activated join the group Bristol Chess. The league fixtures will then be available to find in your "My Events" page.

2 points will be awarded for a correct winning team or drawn prediction, with a bonus of 3 points if you correctly predict the match score. Remember, Downend A and B will be winning their matches 6-0.

If you have any problems or questions, please email me ( or get in touch with the site administrator accounts.

Best of luck!

Michael Meadows

19 Aug 2015:

Our first draft of the team registrations has now been published on the Players page. Welcome to the new and returning members!

18 Aug 2015:

Due to our publishing of the fixtures yesterday, today they have been updated. Downend A vs Clifton A has been moved from December 22nd to October 27th, and Downend F vs Downend E has moved from January 26th to January 12th.

17 Aug 2015:

The final wallchart of the summer rapidplay is now available to download. The final standings were:

1stJim Sherwin16½/18
2nd=Henry Duncanson14½/18
2nd=Stephen Meek14½/18
4th=Tom Thorpe13/18
4th=Paul Hatchet13/18
4th=Derek Pugh13/18

The U175 Grading Prize was won by David Painter-Kooiman, the U150 Prize by our own Dave Tipper, and the U125 by Colin Giles. The Junior Prize was won by Tom Carter with 8 points.

Don't forget to that teams registrations are being finalised tomorrow night so check back soon to see all the line-ups and fixtures.

Update: Fixtures are up!

11 Aug 2015:

It was a great night to wrap up the Downend & Fishponds rapidplay event. In the end it was Jim Sherwin that won, with Henry Duncanson and Stephen Meek in joint second. A full wall chart will be available shortly!

6 Aug 2015:

In order to immortalise my win of the Jack Milton cup in 2014, a new Club Awards page has been created. If there are any spaces that you happen to know the winner for, please let me know!

3 Aug 2015:

The third night of the Summer Rapidplay was another rousing success. The current standings can be downloaded here. Don't forget to come along to the final night on the 11th August.

25 Jul 2015:

New grades are out! You can find yours on our club players page or on the ECF grading site. It seems that we've had a good run, with many players' grades increasing slightly!

19 Jul 2015:

Update: For those who are wondering about which division Downend B will be playing in next season, it's good news! As South Bristol B turned down promotion to Division One, our B team gratefully accepted promotion in their place.

13 Jul 2015:

The second night of the Summer Rapidplay has pushed the total number of participants to a record 55! It's still quite close at the top:

1stChris Russell9/12
1stPaul Hatchett9/12
1stDerek Pugh9/12
4thRichard Savory8½/12

Download the wallchart after the second week. It's not too late to come along, however. The next night is on the 21st July.

29 Jun 2015:

Ian has done the club another kindness by writing a brief summary of the season to be appended to our club history.

23 Jun 2015:

The first night of the Summer Rapidplay was larger than ever before with some games being played al fresco! At the moment I believe Richard Savory is leading the pack on 5½, but there are almost certainly others with very similar scores! We're looking forward to an even bigger turn out next week as the swiss-gambitting players finally show up!

Update: Shaun has posted the wallchart from the first night so you can get your preparation done for the next time!

17 Jun 2015:

In the League Grand Prix, Jack Tye has taken home the top Junior prize, while Thomas Carter has won the Downend top performing Junior prize!

16 Jun 2015:

We've had the league and our club AGM now, so it's time to put some photos up. First of all, here's Mike at the league AGM picking up the shield for the A-team's league win!

Mike with the league shield

In the league Downend & Fishponds' very own Richard Savory won this trophy for his excellent performance in the Bristol League Congress:

Richard with his trophy

4 Jun 2015:

The League AGM passed very smoothly. The main change involves the success of the proposed 'play up' rule. In addition, the position of League Treasurer has become available, so if you fancy it, get in touch!

14 May 2015:

At the Musketeers Megafinal last Saturday Downend juniors scored well and all four qualified for the Gigafinal in Reading in July.

Under 13Tom Carter3rd4½/6
Under 11Jack Tye1st5½/6
Under 9Joe Featherstone1st5/6
Toby Kan2nd5/6

Tom had a notable result with a draw against 180 graded Charlie McLaren from Gloucester, who is the current West of England Under 14 Champion.

7 May 2015:

Downend & Fishponds would like to extend a big congratulations to Clifton for winning this year's Team Knockout with an exciting last second comeback, winning on board count after the 4-4 draw!

Update: For those keeping their eyes on Downend B's Division 2 promotion hopes, Grendel have drawn with South Bristol C, thus clinching the second promotion spot.

4 May 2015:

Downend & Fishponds have won promotion at the 4NCL! Managing a 4-2 win and a 3-3 draw in the first two rounds of the final 4NCL weekend meant that we needed only a draw to guarantee promotion to Division 2. True to club form, the team managed exactly that: 3-3.

Update: Jerry has finished match reports for Round 9, Round 10, and Round 11. Games can be found in those reports and in our Games page.