2018/19 Season

Last Updated: 15:55 12th October

11 Oct 2018:

The E-team were completely out-gunned by a surprisingly strong North Bristol B team. 1-5 was the final score.

10 Oct 2018:

The new Bristol Junior Chess page has gone live!. It's been created by the club's David Kan and updated by chess juniors and their parents.

9 Oct 2018:

The B-team had a tough night against a full-strength Clifton A. It was close but the score ended at 2½-3½. Mike has given us all the juicy details in the match report and we have all the games available for members!

Update: The F-team continued its unbeaten run with a 2-2 draw against University C. Shaun gives us the details in the match report.

7 Oct 2018:

The October Crosshands Blitz was won by the club's new and rising star Wei Hao! The field was close and there was then a three-way tie for second place:

Crosshands Blitz
1stWei Hao Tan7½/10
2nd=John Curtis7/10
2nd=David Painter-Kooimnan7/10
2nd=Stephen Meek7/10

Don't forget to clear your calendars for November's tournament on the 4th!

4 Oct 2018:

Don't let the 3-3 score fool you, by all accounts the C-team match against South Bristol was a corker. Let's hope we can get one for the match report. Plenty of games from the night are about to become available to members, too!

2 Oct 2018:

While the A-team is reeling from its first three losses on the trot in 5 years, the B-team continue to rack up the points. This time it was a 3½-2½ win against full strength current champions Horfield A! Ian has written the match report for the excellent win.

The D-team took full advantage of their grading edge against Clifton C and took home the two points 3½-2½.

Update: The F-team also had a great night winning 3-1 against Hanham B. There was also an excellent debut by Bilal, our newest junior star. Shaun has written a match report of the play.

1 Oct 2018:

Now that the first month of the season is done, it's time to cast your vote for our first Game of the Month award. The poll is on our Vote page and open to all members. Voting closes in two weeks! Don't forget to request an account if you haven't already!

Update: The A-team and the A-team captain's woes continue as they lost 2½-3½ to Clevedon A. Rants abound in the match report. Games appearing for members as and when they come in.

27 Sep 2018:

The F-team split the points 2-2 with a good North Bristol C-team. Shaun has put together a summary match report with an interesting endgame study!

Update: The D-team had a fantastic night with a 5½-½ win against Keynsham B!

25 Sep 2018:

Not to toot our own horn, but the club has received an entry on the best clubs list on!

The B-team has leapfrogged the A-team with a fine 4-2 win against Horfield C. It's good to know that Horfield can lose. Games and reports to follow!

It was a tough night for the E-team against Hanham A with a top-bottom board divide leaving the score at 2½-3½.

Update: As predicted, there's a great match report and games.

22 Sep 2018:

The club's Elmira Walker is hosting the second blitz event at The Cross Hands on the 7th October at 18:30! Full details can be found on our Events page. There's space for 32 entries, so make sure you get there early! It comes with a 10% discount at the bar which should more than cover your entry fee!

20 Sep 2018:

The F-team split the points 2-2 away to Harambee, so they're off the mark!

18 Sep 2018:

The woes of the A-team continue with a 2-4 loss to Horfield A in a topsy-turvy night. The match report draws heavily from one of the most successful films of all time.

The C-team had a tough night against a strong Bath B, but managed to win the night 3½-2½.

The E-team had a fantastic night by giving South Bristol B a 5-1 walloping.

Update: Richard has written a C-team match report

11 Sep 2018:

The A-team continued its unvictorious start to the season with a 2-4 loss against a supercharged Horfield B. Don't forget the match report.

The C-team had a much better night scoring 4-2 against a strong Thornbury team. PGNs will be appearing soon for our members!

It wasn't any easier for the F-team who were away to Horfield E and came back with a ½-3½ loss.

Update: The C-team match now has a report!

9 Sep 2018:

Update: John has been enacting his role as chess journalist. First he gives us a run-down of the Bristol Blitz qualifier. If you're wondering why Jack wasn't mentioned, it's because he was busy playing in the Under 18 section at the UK Chess Challenge Southern Challengers tournament in Surrey, having a great tournament, coming joint 4th out of a field of 27 with a fine score of 4/6!

4 Sep 2018:

Despite the peaceable scores, there were some exciting games (2 publicly available and a handful more for our members!) in the two internal matches that started our season. 3-3 for the A vs B-team match, complete with match report and 3-3 for the D vs E-team match.

3 Sep 2018:

It's about time we also mentioned a little about performances at the Steve Boniface Memorial Congress. There was a strong club presence and everyone, but especially our juniors, including new recruit Chirag, did excellently:

Open Oli Stubbs 2½/5
Open Chirag Hosdurga 2/5
Major Toby Kan 1½/5
Minor Elmira Walker 3½/5
Minor Shaun Walsh 2½/5
Minor John Stubbs 1/5

No doubt we'll be seeing even higher scores at the next congress!

31 Aug 2018:

As if winning the Mike Wood trophy for best attacking game wasn't praise enough, Aron's excellent win has won the popular vote in the Bristol Chess Times' Game of the Season award! Alas, another club member was named in the Editors' award, but for all the wrong reasons!

29 Aug 2018:

The first league match of the season hasn't even been played and we're already off the mark with our public games. Toby was in action at the Steve Boniface Memorial Congress and came up with this resilient defence and endgame excellence in what must be a world first; an exciting Petrov.

28 Aug 2018:

This season's teams have been decided!

21 Aug 2018:

The final night of the club rapidplay saw some wild chess. To the surprise of everyone, including me, I won:

1st Michael Meadows 14½/18
2nd Oli Stubbs 13½/18
3rd David Painter-Kooiman 13½/18
U175 George Miller 11/18
U150 Duncan MacArthur 12½/18
U120 Elmira Walker 9/18
Junior Aron Saunders 9½/18

The full wallchart is available on our Events page and some of my more entertaining games are viewable in a my quick tournament report. Apologies in advance.

16 Aug 2018:

Tournament news from John:

Yesterday evening North Bristol chess club held their Gambit night. It was pretty well attended with 16 players. Downend & Fishponds only had two of their players in attendance, however they won the two main prizes!

Stephen Meek was the clear overall winner with a full house score of 5/5 and Aron Saunders scored a solid 3/5, winning the grading prize (under 140's).

This is not really a surprise as both Stephen and Aron are also doing well in the Downend Summer tournament, with just one round to go next Tuesday.


10 Aug 2018:

We have fixtures! Now we just need to decide teams.

9 Aug 2018:

John has been writing reports and taking photos. Check out his coverage of the British Championships. Higher resolution photos are available in the gallery where you can see that there is, indeed, a Grob on board 19.

7 Aug 2018:

The third night of the rapidplay was another success. David Painter-Kooinman leads overall with 13½ but Oli is storming through with 9½ from two nights. As it's the best 3 results from the 4 nights, it's all to play for. Full details are in the wallchart.

For those in the quick chess mood, British Blitz Championship Qualifiers are being held on Saturday 8th September and there's a Bristol entry!

Also, the new member accounts are being created now. Several people asked yesterday, but it's not too late to email Michael M to get one set up! (Plenty of games have already been added!)

4 Aug 2018:

It's time to introduce our new Members page! On it we'll have more games with new ways to search (and prep, if you're so inclined!) and club votes. In the future we hope to have educational resources and whatever else pops into our heads.

As part of the new drive, if you have copies of your previous games, please send them to Michael as they can go into our club database.

Logins are currently limited to club members, if you want to create one please get in touch with Michael (perhaps on Tuesday at the 3rd rapidplay night!)

In separate news, the Bristol Chess Times is running its vote for the Game of the Season. There are a few club games in there too, but don't forget to pick your favourite!

26 Jul 2018:

It's that time of year when we find out what all those forays into the Latvian Gambit have cost us; new grades! Check out the Players page if you're feeling extra lazy.

17 Jul 2018:

The second night of the rapidplay saw some great swings in the standing and some wild games. I believe Steve Meek is the sole leader as it stands, but when Jerry has compiled the wallchart.

Update: David Painter-Kooiman is actually the leader! Current standings.

15 Jul 2018:

The club's very own John Stubbs is now producing reports on chessit. Fear not, there'll still be junior news coming our way, for example:

Midland Gigafinal
U18Oli Stubbs4½/6Qualified for Terafinal
U14Jack Tye4/6Qualified for Challengers
U12Aron Saunders3½/6½ point off Challengers



Northern Gigafinal
U12Toby Kan4/6Qualified for Challengers


3 Jul 2018:

John and Oli have been travelling around looking for more chess adventures!

26 Jun 2018:

The heat and the World Cup didn't deter people and there was a good turn out for the first round of the summer rapidplay (though naturally, plenty of stronger players are coincidentally unavailable until the second week). Jerry's automated system was a triumph and the standings are already available.

Some chap called Michael had the luck on his side and is currently joint top with the more expected Steve. Chirag leads the junior prize race, Adrian Champion and Duncan MacArthur are battling it out for the U150, and Nigel has a might ½ point lead in the U120. It's still early days, though, so make sure you clear your calendars for the next night on the 17th July.

14 Jun 2018:

As one would expect, the club AGM was an action packed night of hilarity and decision-making. The new best game prize was won by Aron for his belter against and which no doubt means I'll be spending my time in the Tuscan hills not in the pool or making pizza, but attempting to bodge our Club Awards page to fit the prize. Stay tuned for that. (Second place was taken by The Dunc for his masterpiece against Dave Eggington and third was Neil's French against our very own Richard Livermore. Honorable mentions go to three more juniors; Toby, Jack, and Oli.)

Mike Passmore spoke about the recent passing of Dennis March, who was directed to the club by the chess correspondent for the Bristol Evening Post. B-team captain and coach for new members, juniors and older juniors alike, Dennis was also active in the organisation of the LMC and the Dragons correspondence chess team.

For those who weren't in attendance, or those simply wishing to relive the magic, the AGM minutes are available to download.

31 May 2018:

The League AGM had many points that will no doubt come up at the Club AGM on Tuesday 12th June, but let's take a moment to appreciate silverware won by club players this year; Jerry with the knockout trophy:

And Oli winning the Alan Ashby trophy:

28 May 2018:

We normally only seem to feature tournament successes from our juniors, but time it's the turn of a bigger junior! Andrew Munn completed dominated the Major section at the Cotswold Congress with 5½/6!

Andrew Munn wins the Major

Jack was there because there had to be a junior in action!

15 May 2018:

The rapidplay is coming, the rapidplay is coming! You can find the details on our Events page, or simply click on this entry form.

13 May 2018:

David Kan has been filling us in on the results of our juniors at the Gloucestershire Megafinals:

Aron and Toby were in the Under 12s and Jack in the U14s. All did great and qualified for the Gigafinals in July. Results as follows:

Aron 4½/6 U12 2nd

Toby 6/6 U12 Gloucestershire Supremo

Jack 6/6 U14 Gloucestershire Supremo


Oli (The King) Stubbs also qualified for the Gigafinals the weekend before at the Bristol Megafinals and was crowned Supremo in the U15s section.

Congratulations to all!

10 May 2018:

Dates for club members! May 31st is the League AGM. Motions to be discussed will include whether to force players to deviate early in their openings to increase the variety and excitement of games played. Whether you're a hardline chexiteer or remainliner make sure you get your voice heard.

Following the fallout of that calm and measured evening, the club AGM will be June 12th where we'll discuss if Oli should just be made club King, if Andrew C should be awarded a draw before the start of play, and if I will be eligible for Major sections next year.

10 May 2018:

The E-team's final final final match of the season was a tough one as South Bristol C were too strong on the night and our team lost 2-4.