Junior News

2017/18 Season

29 Aug 2018:

The first league match of the season hasn't even been played and we're already off the mark with our public games. Toby was in action at the Steve Boniface Memorial Congress and came up with this resilient defence and endgame excellence in what must be a world first; an exciting Petrov.

16 Aug 2018:

Tournament news from John:

Yesterday evening North Bristol chess club held their Gambit night. It was pretty well attended with 16 players. Downend & Fishponds only had two of their players in attendance, however they won the two main prizes!

Stephen Meek was the clear overall winner with a full house score of 5/5 and Aron Saunders scored a solid 3/5, winning the grading prize (under 140's).

This is not really a surprise as both Stephen and Aron are also doing well in the Downend Summer tournament, with just one round to go next Tuesday.


9 Aug 2018:

John has been writing reports and taking photos. Check out his coverage of the British Championships. Higher resolution photos are available in the gallery where you can see that there is, indeed, a Grob on board 19.

15 Jul 2018:

The club's very own John Stubbs is now producing reports on chessit. Fear not, there'll still be junior news coming our way, for example:

Midland Gigafinal
U18Oli Stubbs4½/6Qualified for Terafinal
U14Jack Tye4/6Qualified for Challengers
U12Aron Saunders3½/6½ point off Challengers



Northern Gigafinal
U12Toby Kan4/6Qualified for Challengers


3 Jul 2018:

John and Oli have been travelling around looking for more chess adventures!

13 May 2018:

David Kan has been filling us in on the results of our juniors at the Gloucestershire Megafinals:

Aron and Toby were in the Under 12s and Jack in the U14s. All did great and qualified for the Gigafinals in July. Results as follows:

Aron 4½/6 U12 2nd

Toby 6/6 U12 Gloucestershire Supremo

Jack 6/6 U14 Gloucestershire Supremo


Oli (The King) Stubbs also qualified for the Gigafinals the weekend before at the Bristol Megafinals and was crowned Supremo in the U15s section.

Congratulations to all!

19 Mar 2018:

More juniors news from David Kan:

It was the Gloucestershire County Championship in Cheltenham a few weeks ago which had 3 of our juniors competing. Aron, Toby in the U12 and Jack in the U14. All boys played well and we ended up with 2 County Champions. Aron finished on 4/6, Toby 6/6 and Jack in the mixed age group from U14-U18s finished on 3½/6.

Toby and Jack are now the U12 and and U14 Gloucestershire County Champions.


4 Feb 2018:

This weekend was the Kidlington Congress and the club's contingent appears to have grown.

Oli was our representative in the under 180 section. Oli was not particularly happy with his form, but also remained unbeaten on 2½/5, with 4 draws.

Jack Tye had a fantastic weekend at Kidlington. Jack finished joint 1st in the under 120 section, and had a great unbeaten score of 4½/5. (That's U120 winners two years in a row. Last year Oli, this year Jack. Who's winning it in 2019?).

23 Jan 2018:

Oli and Toby were a little late to their matches tonight and John has written up why!

21 Jan 2018:

Toby was at the J4NCL this weekend playing for the Chess in School and Communities (CSC) charity. In a last minute reshuffle the team expecting to play in Division 2 was moved up to Division 1. Toby was playing board 1 and did fantastically with 3 wins, 1 draw and only 1 loss. His performance and that of his team saw them achieve an amazing 3rd place in Division 1. Kandara, a North Bristol junior, was also in the team and in her crucial game in the final round she converted her advantage to win the round for her the team. Cool as a cucumber, but no one looked as cool as Geoff.


14 Jan 2018:

David also got in touch to fill us in on some great junior news!

It was the West of England and South Wales Team Championships this weekend. 4 county teams were competing this year, including Devon, Somerset and 2 Welsh teams, Gwent and Glamorgan. There was a big turn out for Downend Juniors, all representing Somerset Juniors. With 10 boards in the Under 14s, Downend Juniors occupied 5 of them with Aron, Fedor, Jack, Toby and Yuvraj.

Warning: Our proud Welsh players should stop reading now!

Out of 30 games played, Somerset had 24 Wins, 3 Draws and 3 Losses, it was a whitewash, with the U14s Somerset Juniors beating all 3 opponents convincingly.

Somerset vs Gwent - 8 Wins, 1 Draw, 1 Loss

Somerset vs Devon - 9 Wins, 1 Loss

Somerset vs Glamorgan - 7 Wins, 2 Draw, 1 Loss

Aron (Board 8): 3 Wins

Fedor (Board 5): 3 Wins

Jack (Board 3): 2 Wins 1 Loss

Toby (Board 2): 1 Win 2 Draws

Yuvraj (Board 4): 3 Wins

An amazing weekend for Somerset, Downend and our juniors. Congratulations to all of them



1 Jan 2018:

Happy New Year! There's plenty to catch up on, so let's get to it.

Over the Christmas break when people should be thinking of nothing related to chess (unless it's the buzzer tournament) Oli and Yuvraj played in the 3 day London Junior Chess Championship Dec 27-30th. In total there were over 300 juniors playing,ranging from Under 8s through to Under 21s.

Yuvraj played in the demanding 9-round Under 12 Major section and finished on a solid score of 5/9 in a very competitive field, with a great win against a 140 in round 7.

Oli played in the 6 round Under 16 FIDE section. He finished on a fine score of 4½/6, winning his final game to secure 3rd place.


Oli was also offered some advice by Mike Basman, who presumably favoured a more unusual opening stance. Personally I think that's a New Year's resolution for us all!

11 Dec 2017:

John keeps us updated on the London Chess Classic Rapidplay with photos by David!

4 Dec 2017:

While many eyes are fixed on the 'excitement' at the London Chess Classic, David sends us news of Toby's time there:

After being duffed up by Richard L on Tuesday night during the Downend brawl between C & D. Toby didn't have time to lick his wounds too long. On Wednesday night we set off to Deepmind (Google's Artifical Intelligence division) at their London HQ to play some more chess. This time his opponent was world number 4 Fabiano Caruana and a group game against Vishy Anand... Unfortunately he was duffed up again! Still managed to enjoy the day and met many GMs and world champions past and present.

A small gallery has been added from the day, with links to a bigger one!

19 Nov 2017:

We now have two national champions! Yuvraj scored a fantastic 9/10 in the Minor section of the 2017 British Rapidplay Championship to finish joint first in a field of about 50 strong players. What an excellent first season with the club.


12 Nov 2017:

David has more junior news from the weekend:

The Somerset Junior Grand Prix kicked off last month with an impressive showing from our Downend Juniors with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing for Yurvaj, Toby and Aron. This weekend was the second event at a very impressive venue, the Somerset County Cricket ground. However, it was not just an impressive venue, there were some very impressive performances from our juniors once again. This time Aron showed the way, winning 5 games out 6 and coming 1st. Toby on 4½/6 in 2nd and Yuvraj on 4 in 3rd. So a Downend 1, 2, 3 again. Fantastic stuff and a big congratulations to Aron for an outstanding performance this weekend. We all know what a great player Aron is at Downend, but the rest of Somerset just found out too. Congratulations to all!

Update: And John fills us in on the club's exploits at the Torbay congress.

15 Oct 2017:

David Kan fills us in on more junior exploits:

It was the start of the Somerset Junior Chess Grand Prix this weekend at St Saviours School in Bath. 4 Downend Juniors were participating include Jack in the Under 16s, Aron, Toby and Yuraj in the Under 12. It was a very competitive event with many Somerset Junior County players present.

In the Under 12 section, all juniors did fantastically as usual finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Results below:

Player Pts
1st Yuvraj Kumar 5½ (5+ 1= 0-)
2nd Toby Kan 5 (4+ 2= 0-)
3rd Aron Saunders 4½ (4+ 1= 1-)

In the U16s, Jack was not feeling 100% and was not playing his best chess. Still he showed great resolve and fought on finishing on 2/6.

For other Downend Juniors who would like to be involved, the next events are detailed on www.somersetjuniorchessgrandprix.co.uk.

10 Oct 2017:

Jack's excellent win for the D-team is available to view on our Games page!

3 Oct 2017:

Aron Saunders' spectacular debut game for the club is well worth a play through!

25 Sep 2017:

Oli went to the 2017 English Rapidplay Championship came away with fantastic results .

14 Aug 2017:

Junior news from the Terafinals! Get the news in David's report and gallery.

7 Aug 2017:

Full-time Downend & Fishponds journalist John Stubbs has written a report of the club's showing at the 2017 British Championships and of course there's an accompanying gallery. It's also worth noting that club member wannabe Daniel Young also qualified for next year's Championships with his excellent performance in the Major Open.

23 Jul 2017:

First there was the Northern Gigafinals, and now there's the Southern Gigafinals. In the U15s Thomas scored a very strong 2½/6 (which included a game against the 206 top seed!), however it was Oli that took the prizes with an incredible undefeated 5/6 (half a point behind the top seed) including some excellent results against very strong players. Oli's second place means that he joins Toby with a ticket to the Terafinals. Don't forget to check out the gallery of the tournament.

16 Jul 2017:

David has written a report about Aron, Jack, and Toby's successes at the 2017 Northern Gigafinal. Also his photos have been saved in another new gallery.

12 Jul 2017:

It was the first junior match for the club. John has written up a match report complete with pictures of the night.

19 Jun 2017:

There will be a junior match where Downend & Fishponds' youngest will be pitting their skills against Chepstow juniors on July 11th with some of the club's strongest players in attendance to provide post-match analysis. It should be a great event if you're able to attend and we're hoping it might blossom into a yearly match much like the Pentyrch tradition meaning yet more work for me on the site. Full credit to John Stubbs for organising the evening.

20 May 2017:

There were over 170 juniors at the Bristol Megafinal at Bristol Grammar School. There were 3 Downend juniors in the U15 section, all doing themselves proud:

Pts Player
5½/6 Oliver Stubbs Supremo
5/6 Thomas Carter Qualifier
2/6 Linton Scotthorne


Three local Bristol & District league juniors collecting their Supremo/Suprema champion trophies from IM Chris Beaumont at prize giving: Yuvraj Kumar (Bath), Acharya Kandara (North Bristol), and our very own Oliver Stubbs (Downend & Fishponds).

7 May 2017:

David Kan is keeping us in the know about the performances of our juniors with a Megafinals report.